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If you are a video game enthusiast and want to explore the strategy gaming genre on your PS5 console but don’t know where to start, worry not; this article will help you with the best strategy games for PS5. 


Making all gears turn in your head and planning several steps in a game gives you this peculiar feeling. It increases the thrill when playing the game. 

While several video games feature a strategic aspect, some make it the game’s main focus. This can include constructing a road system, building an entertainment park, establishing a farm to produce the finest crops, or organizing an army before going on the offensive.

Iron Harvest

Strategy games focus mainly on making calculated choices to get the desired results. Certain games achieve this by giving the player all the information they require. In contrast, other games require the player to make a strategic choice based on incomplete information.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 (PS5), a 9th-generation video game console, was introduced in late 2020. This was the first time Sony’s console utilized the speedier SSD.

Best Strategy Games for PS5

Strategy games demand players to assess resources and situations to make wise judgments. You can immerse yourself in a variety of world situations, from creating your own country to running a business and raising an army. 


There are many different sub-genres of strategy games you can explore, especially these:

  • Real-time strategy: In this subgenre, you get to experience real-time combat situations. You gather materials, construct a settlement, assemble an army, and dispatch it into the fight, all in a limited time.
  • Team Strategy: Here, you get to team up with another player and strategize together both as an attacker and defender,
  • Abstract Strategy: In this genre, you make choices and plan to defeat your opponent. 
  • Turn-based Role Playing: With this genre, you get to play solo or team battles in real time. You move while attacking or defending across a grid. Then, you can customize and improve your character by acquiring skills and loot. You don’t have any time boundation for decision making here.
  • Stimulation: Simulating actual circumstances to make decisions is the goal of these. After that, you must act accordingly to handle the repercussions.
  • Wargames: You get to mimic wars, battles, and campaigns in these games. There are options to play as real or imagined leaders, and this simulation-based subgenre may also employ turn-based action.
  • Grand Strategy: These are more complex games involving diplomatic, economic, and political choices. Large-scale campaigns and maps are used to tell the story.

While previously being only in the realm of PC games, strategy games are now frequently and successfully introduced to consoles, including the PS5. Irrespective of the subgenre, we’ve aimed to list the best strategy games that you can enjoy on your console.

You can get all the games directly from PlayStation Store except Minecraft Legends. For Minecraft, you will have to buy it from the minecraft.net website.

Here are some of my personal favorites that you can play right now.

Marvels Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns - Strategy Games for PS5

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a fantastic blend of card and social superhero simulator games. In turn-based combat, you engage with and compete against well-known Marvel superheroes, where the cards on hand determine your course of action. 

You have to modify your attacks on the go according to the cards available and your heroes; this makes the game more intriguing. 


The outline of the game revolves around a demonic Lilith who, along with her army, threatens. This leads to the Avengers reviving the Hunter, who defeated Lilith once before. 

You get to personalize this character at the start of the game and fight alongside two other marvel heroes like Iron Man, Dr. Strange, and Captain America.

At the base, you get access to various secrets and unlockables that help you complete your tasks and also gain strength by upgrading your cards. 

Crusader Kings III

Crusader Kings III - Strategy Games for PS5

This fantastic medieval simulator allows you to test how you’d perform to ensure the success of your royal family in warring nations. You’ll love this game if large-scale strategies interest you. 

Once you truly get into it, it becomes an endlessly innovative and fascinating time-sink. Expect betrayals, vendettas, continual vigilance, and much more.


The outline goes as you being the generational leader of a dynasty where you aim to expand the family’s control even more. 

Just as you conspire to expand your horizon, other leaders and family members also plan against you to make you lose. 

Additionally, each member of the family has a distinct personality, aspirations, and development tree that displays their traits and abilities. The in-game hint system assists you in making the best judgments since the consequences of choices made are felt throughout the world.

Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster - Strategy Games for PS5

For players that enjoy building and management simulator games, Planet Coaster makes an excellent choice. If you have ever played RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, you’ll find Planet Coaster familiar. 

The gameplay revolves around park building, where you can choose from 4 different modes and manage your built park. In the career mode, you’ll get to perform tasks through which you build roller coasters on existing parks, while in the Sandbox mode, you get to build everything from scratch on barren land.


As you complete tasks and proceed further in the game, you get access to new features and rides and earn rewards. You can invert the rewards earned from the visitors to enhance the park. 

Iron Harvest

Iron Harvest - Strategy Games for PS5

This real-time strategy game was first released just for Windows PCs, but later, in 2021, it was published for other platforms as well. 

Iron harvest consists of 3 European countries- Rusviet, Polanian Republic, and Saxony Empire, engaging in warfare. The game’s main narrative revolves around the conflict between these 3 nations in a post-World War I phase. 

Each nation has a unique advertising narrative with a distinctive hero and animal partner. Then there’s Olga with his pet tiger, Changa, Gunter and his wolves, Tag and Nacht, and Anna and her bear, Wojte.

Military operations are the main focus of Iron Harvest, where you command and direct troops while picking the right targets.


It uses the Rock, Paper, Scissors design system, and you need to be quite skilled at planning if you want to win. You get to execute 20 missions as either a solo player or in a team.

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends - Strategy Games for PS5

In the action strategy game Minecraft Legends, you command forces into combat to protect Minecraft overworld. By building forts, engaging in sword and bow combat with opponents, and directing your forces to strategic locations, you may bring the Minecraft characters together to defend their homes.

You play through an ancient tale told by villagers as a bedtime story centuries before the main Minecraft game, in which the locals unite to repel the Piglin intruders from the Nether dimension.

The game’s gameplay centers on building bases and forts that serve as hubs, which you can use to defend against adversaries, gather and heal your troops, switch out armaments, and more. You navigate your troops behind you across the world.

With each advancement, new troop kinds, talents, and weaponry become available to you, each of which grants you a unique advantage against the increasingly challenging enemy forces.


Tropico 6

Tropico 6 - Strategy Games for PS5

Another management and construction game is Tropico 6. This game might be one of the most complex simulation games with heavy political simulation components.

You take the role of “El Presidente,” the ruler of the fictitious Caribbean island state of Tropico, and you get to play through Colonial, Cold War, World Wars, and Modern eras. 

The player’s objective is to construct an island chain using different services and structures. 

In your constructed land, the citizens go by their daily lives, and your decisions as a leader affect their productivity.

The citizens of the country can coexist in harmony or revolt anytime against the leader. So it’s up to you if you want to become a dictator or a law-abiding ruler. 


The DioField Chronicle

The DioField Chronicle - Strategy Games for PS5

While real-time strategy games on consoles are on the rarer side, DeoFiels Chronicles does make it to the list with its amazing control features and other schemes.

The setting in which the game is situated is distinct and combines elements of fantasy, medievalism, and modernity. The entire continent has been devastated by a bloody conflict between the Empire and the Alliance; thus, this is not a calm place.

The Kingdom of Alletain on DioField Island has remained unaffected despite this unrest.

Even though the mapping scale for this game is small, it has impressive tactical battles with a fusion of command-based and real-time tactics. These components of the game help you in combat with the enemy, even with a small unit. 

Jurassic World: Evolution 2 

Jurassic World- Evolution 2 - Strategy Games for PS5

A sequel to the game Jurassic World Evolution, this game is set in the Jurassic Park universe. In this game, the players get to manage a park with various prehistoric creatures.


You are responsible for maintaining the park’s architecture, collecting new species, and ensuring that all the visitors are safe. 

The game includes 75 different species of dinosaurs, including the aquatic and aerial types. 

You can alter the dinosaurs genetically, which changes their characteristics and appearances. For instance, you could turn even a T-Rex into a placid puppy. 

In this version, you get access to various places situated in various environments instead of being confined to one island. 

Final Words

After trying out numerous strategy games on PS5, I’ve carefully curated this list for you with the games that seem most fun to me. 


Hope you enjoy them just as much as I did.

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