V Rising | Best Weapons and Skills

V Rising Best Weapons and Skills
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One of the biggest surprises of this year in terms of popularity is V Rising, a new vampire-themed survival game created by the Swedish software house Stunlock.


The title is facing an unprecedented moment of popularity, having sold one million copies in about a week of life, leaving its creators stunned as well.

V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills

Much of the success of this title is due to a very intelligent combat system, able to entertain all types of gamers and with a good level of variety.

To help you become the new Dracula, we have therefore decided to make a guide to the best weapons in V Rising and all skills present within the game.

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V Rising: Ranking the Best Type of Weapon

V Rising’s weapons have virtually identical damage output characteristics; What changes are only the amount of damage done per hit in a combo, the attack speed, and the abilities that rare versions of the weapon carry.

Each attack in a combo deals a particular percentage of its “physical strength” stat as damage; each type of weapon has different percentages from the others, of course.


Best Weapons in V Rising

V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills

Here is a quick ranking of the best weapons in V Rising.

  1. Sword
  2. Spear
  3. Axe
  4. Mace
  5. Reaper
  6. Slasher
  7. Crossbow

The sword is in first position thanks to its excellent combination of damage and skills; specifically, shockwave is incredibly useful also because of dodging opponent attacks.

The spear, on the other hand, is in the second position because although it is an excellent weapon for taking down single targets, it does not possess any kind of ability with integrated mobility.

From then on, the situation is quite stable: axes, clubs, and scythes are weapons with excellent damage, but which instead have a very bad attack speed, which makes them optimal only in the most advanced stages of the game.

The slasher, on the other hand, is a particular weapon, with a skill (camouflage) that is really fun to play but cursed with very low damage output, even in terms of combo percentage.


Last but not least we find the crossbow, a weapon whose only advantage is that of being at a distance; the skills, in fact, are disappointing and, above all, there is no decent damage output that can put the weapon in comparison with the others on the list.

V Rising | All the skills of each weapon

In V Rising, the different types of weapons are linked to pairs of skills. The ability for the player to use these skills depends on the rarity level of the weapons: low-level weapons, for example, have only basic attack and chainable combos; going up in rarity it will be possible to access the first and then the second extra skill.

Here are all the weapon abilities of V Rising :


V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 35% | 35% | 40% of the physical damage value
  • Whirlwind: The character makes a spin that lasts 1.1 seconds dealing 35% of the physical damage value every 0.25 seconds (cooldown 8s)
  • Shockwave: Generates a shockwave that deals 70% physical damage by lifting the enemy off the ground for 1.6 seconds. Re-throwing at the target is teleporting the player into position, hitting any enemy three times dealing 25% of the physical damage each time. (cooldown 8s)
  • Specialty: Vegetation

The Sword is a very versatile weapon and its high attack speed makes it ideal for builds that focus on critical hits.

The Whirlwind skill is not the best but instead, the Shockwave is an excellent movement skill that can help the player to be evasive even when the dash is on cooldown; in the meantime, it also deals various damage to the hit opponent.



V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 40% / 40% / 50% of the physical damage value
  • A Thousand Spears: Inflicts target repeatedly dealing 30% physical damage 8 times. If re-cast during the main effect, this skill is able to inflict a single attack that does 50% of the physical damage value knocking enemies backward. (cooldown 8s)
  • Harpoon: fires a spear that deals 70% of the physical damage value and draws the enemy towards the player (cooldown 8s)
  • Specialty: Creatures

Unlike most other weapons, the spear does not have a particularly large hitbox but only launches a sweep capable of piercing enemies in a row.

The spear is a quick attack weapon, ideal for taking down a single enemy quickly with the A Thousand Spears skill, and it is also possible to give the Harpoon skill to hunt down enemies.


V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 45% / 45% / 55% of the physical damage value
  • Frenzy: the player advances and hits the first enemy inflicting 100% of the physical damage value; at this point, the player enters a state of frenzy which increases the movement speed by 25%, the attack speed by 40% for 0.8 seconds if the hit is successful. (cooldown 8s)
  • X-Strike: Throw two axes in an X trajectory; each hit deals 85% of the physical damage and slows the opponent for 1.5 seconds. Hitting an enemy with both axes inflicts the disabled status for 2 seconds. (cooldown 8s):
  • Specialty: Wood

The axe is a cross between a sword and a mace, with reasonable damage and attack speed. His abilities are quite powerful, with Frenzy being able to empower the player while X-strike represents his mid-range crowd control.


V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 50% / 50% / 60% of the physical damage value
  • Crushing Blow: The player is thrown towards the cursor position by hitting the ground hard, inflicting 100% of the physical damage value and inflicting the snare status for 2 seconds (cooldown 8s)
  • Smack: The player hits the enemies in front of him dealing 50% of the physical damage value, causing the enemies to flinch and granting the disabled status for 1.2 seconds (cooldown 9s)
  • Specialty: Mining

The mace is undoubtedly the strongest hitting weapon of all in V Rising; it is very slow and has a rather low DPS.

The Crushing Blow ability is great for getting close to a target quickly while also inflicting high AoE damage while Smack does the exact opposite, making the enemy move away from the player.



V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 50% / 50% / 55% of the physical damage value
  • Tendon Swing: The player attacks nearby enemies with the scythe dealing 125% of the physical damage value, knocking back the hit targets, and inflicting the snare status for 2 seconds (cooldown 8s)
  • Howling Reaper: the player throws a whirling scythe at the point that deals 20% of the physical damage value every 0.25 seconds for 2.5 seconds; enemies hit by the initial bullet are slowed for 1.5 seconds. (cooldown 8s)
  • Specialty: Undead 

The Reaper is another melee weapon that combines a lot of damage with some slow use, great for taking down undead enemies.

He doesn’t have any tools to get the player close to enemies quickly but his tendon swing is very useful for cleaning groups of enemies.

Howling Reaper, on the other hand, is a sub-optimal skill to use that does not give great satisfaction.


V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo : 27.5% / 27.5% / 35% of the physical damage value
  • Elusive Strike: The player back and forth hitting enemies in a stretch dealing 50% of the physical damage value, inflicting the slow status for 2 seconds for each hit (cooldown 8s)
  • Camouflage: The player enters a state of camouflage, increasing their movement speed by 25% for 6 seconds. The player’s next primary attack will be able to deal 80% of the physical damage as damage, incapacitating the target for 3 seconds. Using any other ability breaks camouflage (cooldown 10s)
  • Specialty: none

The Slasher is a very fast weapon that does little damage per attack but has quite useful abilities. Elusive Strike is great for dodging attacks while dealing damage while Camouflage comes in handy in a variety of situations. Too bad for the really low damage.


V Rising  Best Weapons and Skills
  • Combo: 110% of the physical damage value
  • Rain Of Bolt: the player throws a barrage of 5 darts into the air that rain on enemies inflicting 40% of the physical damage value for each area hit; in addition to this the skill also inflicts snare status for 1.5 seconds. (cooldown 8s)
  • Snapshot: The player throws a very fast dart that deals 75% of the physical damage as damage, interrupting the cast of any skill and inflicting the status snare for 2 seconds (cooldown 8s)
  • Specialty: none

The crossbow is a ranged weapon capable of firing powerful darts at a fairly low speed. There is no type of combo using this weapon but rather you have to rely on a more classic shoot/reload/shoot. 


The Snapshot ability with its cast interruption is very useful against stronger enemies and during PVP encounters, much worse than the Rain Of Bolt ability which spreads mediocre damage over a large area.

V Rising: The Strongest Weapons

At this point you have a complete picture of all the V Rising paraphernalia, but what are the most powerful weapons in the game? And how much damage do they deal?

Well, all of V Rising’s weapons deal damage through a three-hit combo. Each attack in the combo deals a certain percentage of the physical damage value as damage, and each weapon type has its own attack speed.

Here is a quick table with which you can understand which weapons are able to convert a higher percentage of physical damage into DPS.

WeaponComboAtk Speed ​​(for combo)DPS
Sword35% / 35% / 40%1.39s79.14%
Spear40% / 40% / 50%1.68s77.38%
Axes45% / 45% / 55%2.03s71.43%
Mace50% / 50% / 60%2.42s66.12%
Reaper50% / 50/55%2.42s64.05%
Slasher27.5% / 27.5% / 35%1.57s57.32%

In terms of statistics, therefore, the Sword is the most powerful weapon and can be considered as one of the best weapons in V Rising, because it inflicts more damage at a higher speed than the others.


But be careful, because using a sword, even a rare one, does not necessarily mean winning. 

In fact, depending on your style of play, you may prefer one of the axes present in the adventure or even the clubs or the scythe.

However, our advice is to experiment until you find the weapon that suits you best and if you really don’t find anything that suits you, the sword, with its perfect balance, will always be there waiting for you. 

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