How to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0?

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Playstation is easily the most famous gaming console around the world. Like various platforms, the Playstation Network by Sony Interactive Entertainment limited also launched a subscription model known as Playstation Plus. 


Users can purchase the premium Playstation Plus membership from their official website: The membership costs $60 for 12 months subscription, which may vary from region to region.

Players get access to features like extra discounts at the store, early access to a few upcoming games, brand-new games every month, and a 100GB cloud storage for games. 

Many players reported facing PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0 on the payment page or gateway.

It’s usually arising when users are trying to opt for the 14-day free subscription trial scheme. So how to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0?

PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0

How to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0?

Fix #1: Double-check payment details

Before moving on to any other solutions, check the payment details you entered while purchasing the Playstation Plus membership.


If you’re paying using a card, try re-entering the number & expiry date correctly. There’s always room for errors while setting up a card for payment.

Fix #2: Using another device

Your bank may be having a server problem that might be causing the error Code WS-43689-0. In that case, wait for the server to be up or try using a different bank. You can try using a separate device for purchasing the Plus membership. 

Fix #3: Adding additional item

Another hack you can use while purchasing the Plus subscription is adding an Avatar to your cart with the membership.

Click on the Add-ons option & sort it by Price: Lowest to highest. Choose the cheapest Avatar & complete the purchase. Using the Avatar trick, there will be no error code WS-43689-0 pop-up.

Fix #4: An issue with Playstation Server

If there’s no issue from your side, the Playstation servers may be either too busy or dysfunctional. Thankfully, you can check whether the servers are operational or not.


Hop on to this site: Playstation Server Status. Here you can see the Server status for their sites.

PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0

Fix #5: Updating the PS4 Console

You can try updating your PS4 Console. Outdated software might cause bugs in games or the Playstation store.

In settings, click on System Software Update. Click on Update now. It will install the latest updates if any.

Now, again try purchasing the membership from their store.

Fix #6: Purchasing Promo Code

The Playstation Store is not the only option for purchasing the Plus membership. You can use other sites like Amazon or eBay to buy the subscription.


For purchasing the Playstation Plus subscription from Amazon, follow these steps:

  1. Open Amazon.
  2. Search for Playstation Plus Membership.
  3. Purchase the digital code.
PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0

Now you have to redeem the code purchased on your Playstation 4 console. Search for the redeem code section in your Playstation store. Enter your 10-digit digital code in the blank & press continue. That’s it. You’ve successfully purchased the Plus membership avoiding the WS-43689-0 error.

Fix #7: Resetting the Console

The last resort might be to reset your Playstation 4. For that, you need to shut down your Playstation.

  1. Long press the Power button until you hear a sound, which switches the Console into safe mode.
  2. After connecting the power plug to your controller, push the PS button.
  3. Click Initialize PS4 and confirm the rest of the process to reset your Console.

Now you have to re-login into your account. Visit the store and try purchasing the membership to check if the issue persists.

If you’re still facing the PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0, visit their official website: Playstation/Support, & contact the customer support team. Mention the Error Code WS-43689-0 with your complaint. 


Final Verdict

That’s it for How to Fix PS4 Error Code WS-43689-0. Hopefully, the promo code solution will work for you, even if nothing else does. There are a few other typical solutions too, like fixing your internet or trying again after some time.

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