4 Mind-Blowing Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations to Explore

Black Desert
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When discussing games with excellent graphics, the Black Desert Mobile Temple game finds its name on the list. Its unmatched graphics with top-notch animations are unique. Every scene makes us feel just wow with exciting character design adding to our experience. 


Black mobile desert has been played by millions of users for years now. During all these years, the game developers have offered us everything in one place, including relics, accessories, lightstone, rift stones, and much more. 

But, the one aspect of the game that makes it stand apart is the diverse locations we explore following the storyline. Many users get so fascinated by these locations that they want to know all the possible places at once. If you are one of them, this article is your destination. 

We will tell you about all the Black desert mobile locations. You will also get to know about the uniqueness of these locations and insight into them with pictures. 

Let’s go!

#1 Great Desert

Do you want to explore temples, shrines, and sandstorms? 


If so, you will find this in the first destination of the Great Desert. Every new player of the Black desert mobile locations would have explored this location. We say this because the great desert is the first location from where the game begins. 

When you get into the desert, you will find multiple spots like the Sand grain bazaar, collapsed temple, Kutum’s grave, desert torme, and stone tower of wishes, among others.

In the left corner below, you will see the main drops in the desert. You can find several valuable drops and resources in this exciting place. Moreover, you can get a good grip on your gaming skills for the game in the Great desert itself. 

We don’t say that this place is just for practice because you can get your hands on various unique items at this place that are vital for the game. It includes purified water, desert tents, and camels that won’t make you feel less than a perfect virtual desert.

You can collect various goods and exchange them for different valuable things. There are exciting adventures in the Black desert and a reward to win every time.


It holds several temples in the game, and you need to know more about them to further understand and excel in the gameplay.

Also, if you can’t get your hands on all the hidden quests in this place, you won’t be able to unlock several new temple places in the game further. 

You must do all this before a sandstorm comes on the first day of the month. Further, you must change all the hidden searches and their purpose, like a game update. 

Great Desert - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Great Desert

#2 Temples 

Do you know that some temples have a black spirit that can guide you to win? 

This is the most exciting aspect of temples, where you may encounter Black spirits. How will you feel if we say they can give you valuable suggestions to tackle difficult situations? It would increase your chances for a win. 


But you cannot enter these temples as you do in the black desert or any other place. You need to have a specific combat power to enter into them. Moreover, every level of the temple requires different combat power. 

After entering the temple, you will be given a specific mission, and you must complete it in every temple you go to. Let’s tell you about some of the most popular Black Desert Mobile temple locations-

  • Temple of Secrets 

Are you interested in fighting battles? One of the initial temples you may come across is the Serett temple, where you can participate in the fighting. There are five entry levels to find your place in this destination.

The main reason for the temple’s existence is to guard the central tower. As we said, you need special combat power to enter the destination; you need 13200 to enter the final level of this place. 

Here, you need to protect the temples from enemies from 6 different directions. They have the objective of destroying the temple.


So, you need to save the place and the artifacts. But, the battles are not easy because they have different bosses, each with special powers. 

Temple of Secrets - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Temple of Secrets
  • Temple of Luinass 

After battles, how about an investigation? Black desert gives you various experiences. So, battles are a time to investigate ruins in a temple. You need to investigate old secrets that were considered to be rumors. Here, we are talking about the temple of luinass, where you have to analyze the ruins to get your hands on something important. 

But, similar to any other quest, an investigation will certainly not be easy. You have to deal with the enemies and fight with them while continuing to investigate.

They shall act as an obstacle in your oath, and you will have to deal with them to complete the levels in this temple. To reach the final level in the temple of Luinass, you need CP 62000.

Temple of Luinass - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Temple of Luinass
  • Temple of Shayla – 1300CP

When the bandits try to take control of the desert, you will have to deal with all the traps. It’s freaking challenging to emerge victorious in the difficult temple location. With three entry levels requiring 1300 CP, the temple is not as easy as it seems. 


First, you must find ancient states and clear your path from obstacles. There are infinite obstacles to trap you, but you must have a complete focus to seal through them.

So, combat the enemies and get access to a special chamber. It is the chamber of treasures that would be worth your hardworking and will give you a win in the Shayla temple. 

But, all this will happen only after defeating the bandits.

Temple of Shayla - 1300CP - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Temple of Shayla – 1300CP
  • Temple of Tukar 

When you enter the temple, you will get a greeting line saying, ‘When the ancient guardians rouse from their deep slumber, their leader, tukar, will rise with them.’ So, it somewhat explains its title. But you should not expect something interesting. 

The most boring temple, as per many users, is the Tukar temple. You will find laden, a boss, and you have to kill him, and that’s it. You need 14000 CP to enter its 5th level, and a guiding spirit will help you defeat the boss. 


Although, you will come across traps on various floors. So, you must be alert and careful to dodge or deal with them. When you do thi, half of your work is done while defeating the rest. 

Temple of Tukar - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Temple of Tukar
  • Temple of Ohm 

Next, we come to the temple of Ohm, where you need to make sure you come with enough stamina. The stamina is required to collect as many resources as possible in the first 3 minutes.

The more resources you have, the more Kurebas you will find. So, when you kill them, you will get several rewards. 

You need 11000CP to access the third and final level of the temple. Mind that kurebas will come behind you because you stole the food; that would make them angry and vengeful. 

Temple of Ohm - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Temple of Ohm

#3 The Mountain of Eternal Winter 

Away from the deserts and temples, icy mountains are awaiting. Yes, you read it right the latest update in the black desert mobile game has brought forth the mountain of eternal winter. The location has lots of snow and vistas exciting the players.


Although it seems cold and beautiful, things won’t be as good as they seem. As you climb up higher, you will come across threatening blizzards. They would have ended up decreasing visibility. Also, it would damage your character. 

You can go through the Black Spirit’s questline if you are an existing player. But, if you are a beginner, you can choose it as your beginning zone. So, it is the first time you can begin from a different location altogether. 

Beginning your game from this place will help you grab new characters. Thus, you can catch up with the story using synopsis snapshots.

Also, you will get a tutorial to help you settle on the control and systems of the Black desert mobile game. There is a significant settlement here named Eliton with several secrets and a chatty fox named Lando. Overall,  you will get several adventures and treks here. 

The Mountain of Eternal Winter - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
The Mountain of Eternal Winter

#4 Misty Forest (Forest of Seclusion)

Only one place that won’t be bothered by others, and that is the Misty Forest.  So, it’s not surprising that it is called the Forest of Seclusion.


Going by its name, other players won’t disturb you in the game. Since it’s a forest, you will be surrounded by countless trees. Also, it can cover your temple from other views. 

This place is suitable if you are trying to level up your character. We say this because there are no monsters to fight here. 

Misty Forest (Forest of Seclusion) - Black Desert Mobile Temple Locations
Misty Forest (Forest of Seclusion)

Summing Up

You would have gotten your answer if you had to look for the best Black desert mobile game locations. Everyone knows about the Black desert and temples.

But the mountain of eternal winter and Misty forest are worth exploring. They have a different aspect and setting compared to other locations. Therefore, you must try to analyze them at least once in the game. 

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