CS:GO Ranks – Everything You Need to Know

CS:GO Ranks
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Being a CS:GO competitive player can be a pain. We often hear about how Higher ranker gets queued with lower ones in the competitive mode. But, have you wondered how many ranks are there, and how do they work? 


In this article, we will be talking about all the different CS:GO ranks, their division, and Matchmaking Ratings. In the end, there are some tips for how to rank up faster in CS:GO.

All Available CS:GO Ranks

There are 18 ranks in CS:GO, categorized into four tiers, starting Silver to Global Elite. Following are the ranks in increasing order:

  1. Silver 1
  2. Silver 2
  3. Silver 3
  4. Silver4
  5. Silver Elite
  6. Silver Elite Master
  7. Gold Nova 1 
  8. Gold Nova 2 
  9. Gold Nova 3
  10. Gold Nova Master
  11. Master Guardian 1
  12. Master Guardian 2
  13. Master Guardian Elite
  14. Distinguished Master Guardian
  15. Legendary Eagle 
  16. Legendary Eagle Master
  17. Supreme Master First Class
  18. Global Elite
CSGO Ranks - CS:GO Ranks
CSGO Ranks via Steam

You can only play with someone with a rank not higher and lower than five levels from you.

With each wins, you receive XP and your rating increases which decide your rank ups and downs. Similarly, losing a game will lower your ratings, which will shift you to lower ranks.

Earning your first Rank in CS:GO:

New CS:GO players are only allowed to play two competitive games per day. You will be able to unlock your first CS:GO rank only after you win ten competitive games. 


Based on your performance statistics in the matches, you will get rewarded with a rank. Make sure you warm up adequately before entering competitive games. 

Learning About the Four Categories in CS:GO Ranks’ System

  • Silvers: 
CSGO Silver Rank - CS:GO Ranks
CSGO Silver Rank

The first CS:GO Rank tier on the rank system is Silvers. These players generally don’t have much knowledge and understanding about the game’s mechanics or economy. Silver 1 to Silver 3 players are commonly new to the game. 

Silver Elite & Silver Elite Masters are better than them in obviously rank and game sense. Most of them are de-rankers from Gold 1 & 2. Silver is the only tier with six different levels within.

  • Gold Novas: 
CSGO Gold Nova Rank - CS:GO Ranks
CSGO Gold Nova Rank

Most CS:GO players are currently in the Gold Nova tier. Gold Novas vary from poorly skilled players to exemplary players with good game sense. Just playing competitive will not make you rise from the Gold Nova. 

You will need to practice your aim and utilities to move up the ranks since the players are good, and you will find de-rankers from the next tier in the Gold lobbies.


Make sure you warm up and practice enough every day. Avoiding this can make you hard-stuck in the gold lobby. That’s why most of the player base is in the Gold Nova.

  • Master Guardian:
CSGO Master Guardian Rank - CS:GO Ranks
CSGO Master Guardian Rank

These lobbies are where you can expect your teammate to communicate correctly and know how to use his utilities. You can even try strategies here, as most players get well versed with the game by now. 

Master Guardian players have more than a decent number of game hours. Reaching Master Guardian requires both time and effort unless your friends boost you.

  • Legendary Eagles to Global Elites:
CSGO Lengendary Eagles Master Rank-CS:GO Ranks
CSGO Lengendary Eagles Master Rank

This level ranges from Legendary Eagles to the final rank, Global Elites. You can even find professional CS:GO players in these ranks.

Reaching here requires a high level of grind and passion for the game. For some, getting here wouldn’t be possible without a team.


You will find some of the most highly skilled players. You can expect your teammates to know professional teams’ strategies and utility usage on almost every map.

But, with great teammates, you will also get equally good opponents. Ranking up can be difficult in these levels. You need to regularly practice everything from your aim, sprays to smokes, and pre-fires on all maps.

Ranking up efficiently

CS:GO Rank up and down depends on your performance and wins in competitive mode. But, you can follow some simple tips for ranking up faster. 

  • Try getting fixed teammates to play competitive mode. With a random team, your chances of losing the game increase. If you play with the same team, players choose particular roles, like AWPer. By this, there will be no conflict around who will play what. While playing with the same team, communication will be on point.
  • Having a warm-up routine is crucial if you’re serious about the game. You can hop on some community servers like headshots only deathmatch and pistol only deathmatch for a better warm-up.
  • Learning smokes & flash lineups is essential. These utilities save the round later. There are multiple guides for every map around the internet for utility usage.
  • Use the best in-game settings & launch options according to your desktops’ specifications. Having a good FPS (frames per second) improves your performance in the game. Playing on a low fps will make spotting enemies & aiming difficult for you. 

Wingman Ranks

Competitive is not the only ranked mode in CS:GO. With the shorter version of competitive, Wingman is another ranked game mode where you have to play 2 VS 2 instead of the usual 5 VS 5. The map is limited to only one bombsite in Wingman.

The ranks level is similar to that of competitive, that is, 18 ranks starting from Silver 1 to the final rank, Global Elite.


Now, you know everything about CS:GO ranks and its tier division. Use these tips and information in your gameplay, and you will feel the difference in your aim and game.

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