Diablo IV Patch 1.0.4 Bring Gameplay Improvements, Nerfs Bosses & Bug Fixes


  • Diablo 4 is a multiplayer action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment.
  • The next batch of Gameplay improvements & various other fixes to make the game enjoyable for the fans.
  • Patch 1.0.4 brings Gameplay Adjustments, Nerfs Bosses such as Brol, Vhenard, and Cyharch, and Fixes UI & various other bugs.
Diablo IV
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Diablo 4 is a multiplayer action role-playing game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment, and it is the fourth iteration in the Diablo series. The developer has now released the next batch of Gameplay improvements & various other fixes to make the game enjoyable for the fans.


The developers have also released the full patch notes of the v1.0.4 for the players to let them know what’s coming in this patch, such as damage multiplier issues, skills issues with specific classes, and more

Let’s take a look at all the changes to the gameplay, game adjustments Ui & bug fixes.

Diablo IV

GamePlay Adjustments

Helltide chests can now drop unique items

The bosses such as Brol, Vhenard, and Cyharch have been nerfed in this patch and will have their health pools and damage output reduced.

The cap for crafting materials has been increased from 9999 to 99999.


Gameplay Fixes

The developer fixed an issue where the multiplier for Enhanced Frozen Orb wasn’t applying.

Fixed an issue where enemies with the Vortex affix would deal damage through immunity.

In this patch, the developers fixed a bug where the damage bonus from the paragon Subdue Glyph would be applied to any target instead of only vulnerable targets.

Developers, Fixed a bug where the class’s Barbarians Whirlwind ability would concisely stop channeling when a cooldown skill was cast while using it.

The developers fixed an issue where the player’s character froze when using Rougue’s Shadow step skill if it is used outside the player’s target range.


Fixed a bug where cheat death effects would not trigger if you die while mounted.

The rear items that are guaranteed drops from certain rare enemies have had their sale price increased so that their re-roll price will also be closer to the other items of the same strength, and these items will generally have lower sell value and also the re-roll cost than the other rare items of the same item power.

These rare items are no longer guaranteed drops and have been adjusted to a 33% drop rate moving forward.

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UI fixes

Devs fixed a bug where the QR code for linking an account on the console was improperly sized, which made scanning them very difficult.


The developers fixed a bug where the players on the console would be unable to navigate to Shop after using the Buy More Platinum button.

Patch 1.0.4 fixes an issue when the imprint cost for the legendary aspects is wrongly displayed.

Fixed a bug where a skill unlocked by item contribution did not have an Assign Skill button in its tooltip.

The patch also fixes a UI where the Weekly Reward Cache for defeating a World Boss would display as available if there were an active Whisper for defeating the boss, even when the cache was already claimed.

The developers also fixed where trading a partial stack while playing with the controller would display a full stack in the tooltip.


Quests & Dungeons fixes

Fixed an issue where traversal wouldn’t appear during the Blind Eye quest, blocking progression.

Fixed several issues where the quest progress would be blocked if the player used a Town Portal during specific sequences.

This patch fixes where the Mother’s judgment enemy would spawn before the player entered the encounter during the Whispers from the Past quests.

Devs fixed several other bugs that prevented the progression of multiple quests.

Fixed a bug where teleporting to Wejnhai during the Witch of the Water quest would force the player to drop a Vial of Quicksilver, despite the town being an allowed area for the quest.


Fixed an issue where the Mirage quest couldn’t be correctly completed.

Various Fixes

The patch fixes a bug where the NPC Arlo couldn’t be interacted with.

Fixed an issue where the cost of the Sturdy Saddle Cosmetic from the Stable Vendor would scale with the player character’s level.

Devs fixed a bug where the camera would pan from the point of death back to the respawn point instead of instantly moving for players in local Co-Op.

The patch brings numerous other Interface and accessibility improvements.


Fixed an issue where players could lure the Seethingabomination boss in the Aluzudafield of Hatredzone to a location where they could damage it, but it couldn’t damage them.

Patch 1.0.4 fixes where Mount Cosmetic would not properly display if applied actively mounted.

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