Best Enchantments for Axe in Minecraft

Best Enchantments for Axe in Minecraft
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There are no limits to Minecraft when it comes to creativity & crafting items. You can make blocks and dyes & even use spells to boost your weaponry. The enchantments offer you the possibility to enhance your armor, sword, axe, and many other tools.


When we talk about the axe, various enchantments are available for use. Some of which are better than the others. So how do you know which one to pick? Here are the best enchantments for axe in Minecraft that you can utilize to take your diamond axe to the next level.

Best Enchantments for Axe in Minecraft

Best Enchantments for Axe in Minecraft

The diamond tools & weapons are already exceptional in strength & using enchantments on them significantly increases their power. So let’s dive into the list of the best enchantments for axe in Minecraft you need to try.


Smite is arguably the best enchantment for an axe, especially for fighting the primary targets in Minecraft, such as the night crawler zombies, creeper, wither, skeleton, etc. The enchantment inflicts an additional 2.5 damage with every blow to the monsters.

There are five levels to the Smite enchantment, which means you can increase your damage inflicted per attack by 12.5 (5×2.5) points. Smite book is of great use in scenarios where you get encircled by multiple enemies.


Sharpness is yet another effective & influential enchantment for axe in Minecraft. Since we have swords as a weapon in Minecraft, we don’t generally rely on tools like an axe to fight off monsters. That’s mainly because the recoil on it is way longer than that of a regular sword.


But the axe is actually used for cutting woods & there’s no surety about when you might encounter a swarm of zombies walking up to you. In such times, you got to use whatever you have in your hand. & thus, you should have an enchanted axe. 

Sharpness extends the blow from an axe to an additional 1 point. Which further increases by 0.5 points per level of enchantment. You can use the book in your next Minecraft adventure & feel the power running through your axe.


Following Sharpness on the list of top enchantments for axe in Minecraft is Efficiency. Efficiency is better in situations where you’re trying to clip some trees. As the name suggests, this enchantment improves the Efficiency of the axe.

It also proves beneficial in fighting monsters. The axe’s ability to break the wood or any other block increases by multifold. The best part is you can collect items even much faster than before. Similar to all the enchantments above, Efficiency also has five levels.


If you’re somewhat familiar with Minecraft & its weapons, you know how big of a deal Diamond & Netherite items are. But like everything else, these precious materials have limited durability. Thus, you can use Diamond or Netherite axe for only a fixed time.


That’s when Unbreaking enchantments for axe come into play. It boosts the durability by a whopping 100% with each level & there are three of the Unbreaking, which means the boost goes up by 300%.


The final one on the list of best enchantments for axe in Minecraft is the Mending book. It’s not an easy book to find as you can’t get it on the enchantment table.

The enchantment straight converts your XP (points earned for level up) into points that boost the durability of your enchanted axe. That means you can increase the longevity of your axe with every XP you earn by cutting wood.

Mending has only level one, but still, it’s highly beneficial for players, especially for building motives, since you earn XP & durability points simultaneously.

Final Verdict

That concludes the list of best enchantments for axe in Minecraft. You can try the others using an enchantment table & find the best one according to your play style.


If you’re more into combats with mobs, use swords since they are quicker and more lethal than tools like an axe. But, for building & cropping objectives, items like axe are more valuable.

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