How to Find and Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite?

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Fortnite consists of a wide range of unique objects you can use to conceal yourself in plain sight and stay safe from enemies. These unique objects are scattered over the map for players to locate and hide inside. 


Moreover, as a part of week 9’s most complex challenge, players were asked to destroy five of these hiding places in the game. But that certainly wasn’t as simple as it seemed because they’re called hiding places for a reason. 

Let us look at these hiding places in this blog post and know how you can easily destroy them. 

Where Can You Find Hiding Places in Fortnite? 

There are many hiding places in the Chapter 3 map, but not all are equally safe or relaxing. Some hideouts are in hot drop zones, while others are safer and calmer. Some locations where you can find hiding places include Greasy Grove, Coney Crossroads, and Sleep Sound. 

In matches at these locations, you should be able to complete the challenge without much trouble. However, staying alive long enough in competitive matches will not be easy.

Players can plot a loot path from Sleepy Sound to Coney Crossroads for this task. This will make it easier for them to cover two locations with hiding places.

Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

How To Destroy These Hiding Places in Fortnite? 

Hiding in Fortnite has always been an option, but Chapter 3 makes it more interesting. There’s the stealth grass you can dip into, but it doesn’t completely cover you.

How do you destroy a hiding place? Well, it’s actually relatively easy. You just need a pickaxe and some elbow grease.

If you want to destroy them quickly, then you can use explosives. These create an explosion that destroys everything in its path.

However, they’re loud and flashy, so they don’t work as well if you want to keep your cover intact while you’re doing it.

Another way of destroying them is by using other weapons at your disposal. For example, if there’s an ammo box nearby, then use something like the Shotgun or Assault Rifle against it until it’s gone! 


You don’t need much firepower with these kinds of weapons either because they’ll only take down one or two hiding places at a time before having to reload again.

And finally, if there’s nothing around that can help you out, then use melee attacks like the Pickaxe or Minigun against any hiding places that require more than just one hit to destroy them.

Destroy Hiding Places in Fortnite

Final Words 

If you’re a battle royale veteran looking to improve your chances in Fortnite, it might be worth checking out some of the challenges that you might have otherwise ignored.

Completing a few simple challenges really isn’t difficult, and as we’ve seen, you don’t need to excel at them to reap the rewards.

We hope you found this guide helpful to find and destroy hiding places in Fortnite.

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