How to Fix Dead Space Remake Performance Issues?


  • Improve Your Dead Space Remake Experience: Find out how to play the game more efficiently and truly immerse yourself in the spooky world of this timeless survival horror title.
  • Boost FPS and Improve gaming: Find out how to fix low FPS problems by killing background programs, modifying the graphics settings, updating drivers, and more to guarantee fluid and seamless gaming.
  • Stuttering issues may be fixed by running Dead Space Remake as an administrator, updating your GPU drivers, and keeping Windows up to date. This will allow you to appreciate the intense and immersive world of the game fully.


Dead Space Remake
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Welcome to our in-depth guide on fixing Dead Space Remake performance issues! You can face annoying latency, slowdowns, or other performance-related issues as you immerse yourself in the eerily atmospheric setting of this classic survival horror game.


Don’t worry; this guide is here to provide you with useful tips and tricks that will help you improve your gaming and bring the terrifying terror to life without sacrificing performance.

Follow our step-by-step instructions, explore advanced options, and unlock the full power of Dead Space Remake to ensure flawless depths of space, whether you’re an ardent fan or a beginner of the gaming franchise.

Fix Dead Space Remake Performance Issues

Before attempting the principal fixes, do the simple pre-checks given below to make sure the issue isn’t being caused by obvious faults to address numerous difficulties with Dead Space Remake and also to boost FPS:

  • Ensure that your computer satisfies the game’s system requirements.
  • Start the game over
  • Restart your router and check your internet connection.

How to Fix My Dead Space Remake Low FPS Issue?

Close Background Apps

The immersive and graphically spectacular Dead Space Remake heavily taxed the CPU and graphics hardware. It’s essential to get rid of any pointless background programs that can be used up system resources to guarantee peak performance and frame rates.

Fix Low FPS issue on Dead Space Remake
Credits: Jeeva/Tech-Latest, Low FPS on Dead Space Remake

Simply press your keyboard’s Ctrl, Shift, and Esc buttons to do this and launch the Task Manager. Find any apps that are using a lot of CPU and RAM after the Task Manager window has shown. To end a task in any of these programs, perform a right-click and choose “End task” from the context menu.


Terminating these programs would free up important system resources that may be used by Dead Space Remake, perhaps enhancing FPS and improving gameplay.

Additional pointers for raising Dead Space Remake FPS are as follows:

  • Cut back on the graphical settings. This will lessen the game’s aesthetic appeal but may enhance performance.
  • Open a new window to play. Fewer system resources will be used than in fullscreen mode.
  • the drivers for your graphics card. Outdated drivers can occasionally cause performance problems.
  • Turn off V-Sync. V-Sync synchronizes your game’s framerate with your monitor’s refresh rate. However, it can also cause input latency.
  • Any other programs you’re not using should be closed. Even while not in use, they might still use system resources.

How to Fix Dead Space Remake Stuttering Issue?

1. Play the game in administrator mode

You can try running Dead Space Remake as an administrator to fix the stuttering issues. To achieve this, follow the following steps: Find the Dead Space.exe file, which is normally in the game’s installation directory.

Select “Run as administrator” from the context menu that appears when performing a right-click on the Dead Space.exe file.

You may reduce stuttering and enhance performance by giving the game higher permissions when you run it with administrator rights.


By making one little tweak, you could improve your gaming experience and be able to completely immerse yourself in the violent and exciting universe of Dead Space Remake.

Detailing the steps are provided below:

  1. In the folder where it is installed, look for the Dead Space.exe file.
  2. Select “Properties” by doing a right-click on the file.
  3. Navigate to the “Compatibility” tab in the Properties box.
  4. “Run this program as an administrator” has a checkbox next to it.
  5. Then click “OK” after selecting “Apply.”

2. Upgrade the GPU drivers

How to enhance game performance by updating your graphics driver:

  1. Activate Device Manager.
  2. Increase Display adapters.
  3. Right-click on your graphics driver and choose “Update driver.
Update GPU Driver
  1. Then select “Search automatically for drivers.”
  2. The most recent graphics card driver will be downloaded and installed by Windows automatically.

3. Update Your Windows

Windows updates can enhance FPS and game performance. Updates and patches that increase system speed and improve your machine for gaming are frequently included with newer versions of Windows.

Press Win + I to access Settings, then click on Windows Update and Check for updates to update Windows. Click Install now if any updates are available.

Fix Corrupted Files on Dead Space
Credits: Jeeva/TechLatest, Fix Corrupted Files on Dead Space

How to fix corrupted Dead Space game files?

To fix the issue,

  1. Launch Steam.
  2. In your library, look for Dead Space.
  3. Choose Properties with a right-click on the game.
  4. Activate the Local Files tab.
  5. Select Check game files for integrity.
  6. Your computer will be scanned for any missing or damaged files, and they will be replaced or fixed as necessary. This could help with any performance difficulties you are having with the game.

Wrapping It All

In conclusion, you may successfully address and repair performance issues in Dead Space Remake according to the advice and instructions offered in this comprehensive tutorial. Whether you’re having issues with stuttering, low FPS, latency, or slowdowns, our detailed instructions can help you improve your gaming experience.

Each action is intended to improve speed and guarantee fluid gaming, from eliminating pointless background programs and tweaking graphics settings to playing the game in administrator mode and installing GPU drivers. Further enhancing your Dead Space Remake experience is keeping up with Windows updates and using Steam to repair any damaged game files.

With this knowledge, you are now better prepared to experience the atmospheric horror of Dead Space Remake and submerge yourself in the dreadful depths of space.

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