What Does Idle Mean on Discord?

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If you are a frequent user on Discord or someone who is just starting out wondering why some of the users have a yellow-colored crescent moon logo right under their profile photo, it is because they are idle.


What does idle mean on Discord you ask? Turns out it is one of the many statuses that users can set to display their current state of activity on the app. It is similar to being shown ‘online’ or ‘offline’. 

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What does Idle mean on Discord?

Discord-Status Idle

A lot of the folks would want to choose what does the status “idle” means on Discord. You obviously know what’s “online” and “offline” which is basically someone’s status if he/she is active on Discord or currently offline.

Idle on Discord essentially means you have opened Discord on your PC or other device but haven’t checked any messages or did any interaction with the app/browser in a few minutes.

You or someone you are trying to reach out may be “idle” because of the same reasons. You can still receive messages and notifications.


Discord automatically changes the user’s status as “idle” after intercepting no activity or interaction for a few minutes. The status automatically changes once you are online.

It is similar to AFK which is slang for “Away From Keyboard”.

This particular feature was earlier summoned as “Away” which is essentially the same thing.

For those who are wondering if they can turn off auto-idle on Discord, turns out there’s no way to do it but to move your mouse or type on Discord after a few minutes break before Discord assumes that you are in an “idle” mode. 

If you look closely, there are other statuses on Discord as well i.e. “Online” which means you are online and ready to respond (unless you choose not to); “Invisible” literally means even if you are online, Discord would disguise your presence; and “Do Not Disturb” essentially means you are online but don’t want to be disturbed with messages and won’t receive any notifications.


You can even set your status as “Streaming” for streamers and as “Phone” when a user is using the Discord app. 

Setting these statuses ensures the person on the other end knows if you are available at any given time or not.

You can even set a custom status if you want such as an emoji or a short note for people reaching out to you. Plus, you can mark the message as ephemeral as it will vanish after reaching a certain duration that you set.

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How to manually set your Discord status as “idle”?

Here’s how you can manually set your Discord status as “idle” at will and not automatically generated by the system.


Step 01: First up, open Discord on your PC and login if you haven’t already.

Step 02: Next, On the bottom-left corner of the screen alongside the Settings icon, you will see a short pop-up menu with various statuses. There’s an option called “Idle” so tap on it.

Step 03: Discord will show your profile as “idle” whenever someone tries to reach out to you denoted by a “yellow-colored crescent moon” logo.

Note that you will receive messages from servers and friends although they will be notified that the recipient i.e. you, is idle and may not respond quickly unless you choose to.

Closing Words

With that, I conclude the post on “What does Idle mean on Discord”. Hope this post gives you everything you need about the statuses you can set on Discord and how to use them including the center of attraction i.e. Idle mode or idling.


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