How to Fix NP-34957-8 Error on PS4/PS5?

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Playstation, the gaming console, was first introduced to the market 28 years ago.


Though the gaming experience on PS4/PS5 is immaculate, a few bugs & errors still arise from time to time. One such issue the players are currently facing is the NP-34957-8 error.

Many users reported facing the NP-34957-8 error on PS4/PS5. Even though these error codes might not make sense to you, they help categorize issues & bugs.

NP-34957-8 error

The NP-34957-8 error is associated with the server connection. Let’s take a look at the solutions available for fixing this error.

How to Fix NP-34957-8 error on PS4/PS5?

The problem that usually causes the NP-34957-8 error is the PlayStation server connection.

Before checking out any other solution for this issue, check PlayStation’s server status from their official website: Check Server Status.

NP-34957-8 Error on PS

On this PlayStation site, you can cross-check their official server status, whether they are active or under maintenance. If the indicator shows red color, it means their servers are down. In that case, you can only wait for them to get fixed.

Re-linking your account on the console

Re-linking your account might fix the network issue. Follow these steps for the process:

  1. Navigate to the main menu on PlayStation Network.
  2. Click on Settings > Account Management.
  3. Select the Log Out option.
  4. Now login again with your account details.

For PlayStation 5 users: After reaching Settings, click on the User Account > Other > Sign Out.

After completing the process, check if it fixes the NP-34957-8 error for you.

Rebooting the Console

Another hit & trial solution is trying to restart the device. On the console, press (& hold) the power button. On the second beep sound, your system will get restarted. 


You can also restart using the controller. Open the quick menu by long-pressing the PS button. Click on Restart. 

Updating the Console

Updating the software might solve the NP-34957-8 error on your PS4/PS5. An outdated version can cause errors & bugs in the console. For updating your PS4/PS5:

  1. Again open Settings via PSN.
  2. Locate & click on System Software Update.
  3. Click on Update now & Confirm the process.

For PlayStation 5, the name tag in Settings is different, but the process to update is the same.

These were all the possible solutions for the NP-34957-8 error on PS4/PS5. As mentioned before, the error is due to the server network issue.

That means that all these fixes are generic. There are high chances that this issue is due to a problem with official servers.


If the servers are working appropriately & you are still facing the problem, the last option left is contacting official PlayStation customer care.

While explaining the issue, mention the steps you have already taken while trying to fix the issue. 

PS Customer care official website: PlayStation Support.

Closing Phrase

That concludes our guide & hopefully, you got the answer to how to fix the NP-34957-8 error on PS4/PS5. In most cases, the problem is in PSN & not the user’s console.

The best-case scenario is when servers are under maintenance because you don’t need to perform any fixes. If you’re using multiple consoles, select only one of them as the primary.

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