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Did your Xbox One console get booted up without you pressing the power button? Are you facing the issue where Xbox One Turns On by Itself? Don’t worry! You’re not the only one facing this issue.


The console will get turned on without any instructions or commands. Various causes may be provoking this issue in your Xbox One. In this article, we will be covering the reasons & fixes on Xbox one turns on by itself.

Why Xbox One Turns On by Itself?

Some of the reasons that cause this bug are:

  • Power Button Sensitivity
  • Voice Assistants
  • Controller issues
  • Auto-updates
  • Instant-on mode

Fix: Xbox One Turns On by Itself

Power button sensitivity

The Xbox One comes with a capacitive button which is an electric regulator. The switch is quite sensitive, which causes accidental touches. It results in Xbox One booting up on its own. Accumulated dust can also be the reason for this issue.

To fix this, clean the area around the switch with a dust cloth. If you own an Xbox One S or X series, you will have a regular button in place of a capacitive one. Still, make sure there’s no dust particle stuck on the power switch.

Also, place your console in such a place where children or your pets can’t touch it.


Voice assistants

In recent times, voice assistants have become popular, and people use them widely. But, they often misinterpret your words. Xbox One also has inbuilt voice assistance called Cortana. 

If the voice assistant is enabled, saying “Xbox On” will start the console. Sometimes if you say something closely sounding like Xbox on, Cortana will boot up the console.

For disabling the voice assistant feature, navigate to Xbox power settings. There you will encounter the choice to turn it off.

An issue with the controller itself

Xbox controller comes with the feature of booting up the console directly. Any defects or malfunctions in the controller may cause the console to start up.

Before sending your controller to the service center, check that the batteries used are not faulty or drained. Empty the batteries from the controller. If the console still boots up on its own, then there’s no issue with your controller.


For Xbox One X & S series users, check if the power button is stuck or not. If the switch remains pressed, take the controller to a repair shop. Trying to fix it on your own may damage the button.

For controllers with capacitive buttons, clean the switch carefully with a dust cloth.


Some TV comes with the feature called HDMI Consumer Electric Controls. It enables the TV to handle all devices connected with an HDMI to the system. 

If you have the HDMI-CEC feature enabled in the settings, your console will start up every time someone switches on the TV.

But there’s nothing to worry about this feature. You can easily disable it from your TV’s setting. If you are not aware of the exact location where you can disable it, search for it according to the brand of your TV. Settings differ from company to company. You can also reach out to the brand on their official websites for help.


Automatic updates on the console

If you have enabled automatic updates on your Xbox One, the console will boot up on its own to install the latest updates whenever it is released.

You can either make sure you update the console on your own whenever you see a new update or disable the auto-update feature.

Navigate into the guide menu. Now go to system > settings. Select System. Click on the second option saying Updates & Downloads. In there, you can see the option Keep my console up to date. Also, another option is visible with the name Let your Xbox automatically apply any available console updates when you turn it off. 

Uncheck both the box to avoid unwanted console boot up. Restart the Xbox One to apply all these settings.

Instant-on mode

Instant-on mode makes the Xbox One console stay on power-saving even after turning it off. It means the console never gets turned off. The instant-on feature is there to cut off the boot time. 


You can disable this mode from the settings. For the Xbox 360 user community, this solved the boot-up issue.

Follow these steps for disabling Instant-on mode:

  1. Go to the guide menu.
  2. Select System & then Settings.
  3. In settings, click on Power mode & Startup.
  4. Click on Power mode and select Energy saving from the drop-down menu.
  5. Restart the device.

Conclusion : Xbox One Turns On by Itself

That’s it! These were all the available causes and fixes for the Xbox One boot-up issue. If you still face the problem, we will suggest you send your console to the manufacturer for a repair or replacement, if possible.

Undesirable boot-up can be a headache and terrifying. Imagine yourself sleeping peacefully and suddenly hearing the console’s sound.

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