How to Fix Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen?

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Are you very excited to play your favorite game over your Xbox, but then you get annoyed because of a green screen! Wait, what?


If your Xbox has any software or hardware issues, then when you start your Xbox One and find the screen stuck on a Green Screen, you’ll have to make some effort.

Without the effort, the issue won’t let you play your favorite game! Let’s learn how to fix it step by step.

Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen

How to Fix if Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen?

When Xbox One gets stuck on green screen and nothing loads on your screen, it is called Green Screen Death Issue. 

The following methods can help you fix it with minimal effort: 

Method 1: Hard Reset Your Xbox One

Hard reset is one of the most conventional methods for any solution. Moreover, it always works. 


For a hard reset, you have to press and hold the power buttons of the Xbox game controller till the time you experience a vibration. It reboots your game controller and does a software and file integrity check. Often technical bugs or file loading problems would lead to the issue. 

Hard reset fixes them all, and your issue will probably be tackled. If you don’t know the meaning of hard reset, then it is a term that means restarting the device.

Method 2: Upgrade Your System Software to Tackle the Problem

Well, in case your Xbox is stuck on Green Screen you can’t upgrade your system using the UI. However, you can upgrade the system offline by using a USB for the same. So, here is the procedure to install the latest firmware and upgrade your Xbox.

Steps to upgrade your Xbox One:

  • An 8GB USB will be ideal for upgrading your firmware. 
  • Take the pen drive and access it using Windows File Explorer.
  • Open the file explorer, right-click on the pen-drive’s name, and a drop-down menu will open in the list of options available scroll down to format. You’ll get a warning about data loss after you click format, but you have to proceed.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • Now, visit the Xbox’s official website and look for offline update options. For that, you have to search and navigate to Perform an offline system update option.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • A new page will open, and you’ll get the upgraded files. The site will ask you to select your Xbox version, and you’ve to choose Xbox One.
  • Then download the file and navigate to the place where you will extract the zip files and look at the file System Update.
  • Copy System Update and paste into the pen drive as it will help to transfer the file’s contents into it.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • After you copy and paste the contents, click on eject. It will help you to remove the pen drive from your PC safely.
  • Afterward, plug in the pen drive in your Xbox and start it in the Troubleshooting mode.

If you don’t know how to do so, then follow the steps given below:


For opening it into troubleshooting mode, you have to press the eject button, sync button, and power button together till the time you hear a beep sound twice.

  • Now navigate to the d-pad and go to the Offline System Updates, afterward press A. Then, be patient till the download and installation get completed, and operate your Xbox once more.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • Your Xbox green screen of death is fixed.

But, if both the steps don’t work, then the given below steps will help you!

Method 3: Bypass the Integrity Check

Xbox frequently performs integrity checks that help to detect potential threats. In such a scenario, it also tries to retrieve missing data and files.

If it’s unable to locate some missing field, then it takes a longer time for the check to complete. This issue may also be responsible for Xbox One Getting Stuck on the Green screen. The security check is a files integrity check; therefore, by bypassing the integrity check, you can fix the issue.

Method 4: Factory Reset Your Xbox One

Another standard method used to fix any issue in almost all gadgets is the “Factory Reset.” Though it is easy to perform, setting up your device afterward is a daunting task. In the Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen problem also, factory reset helps to solve a comprehensive range of issues.


In case any of the above-mentioned solutions don’t fix your issue you can try Factory Reset Method. However, we don’t advise or recommend the Factory reset method before trying any other method as setting up your Xbox is complicated. A factory reset erases all your data. It is performed using your Xbox game controller. After completing the reset, your Xbox One will work on default settings instead. 

To protect your data, backup it on your drive before starting with Factory Reset. Implement the steps given below for factory reset:

  • Press and hold the Xbox console key button for 10 seconds to turn it off.
  • Now, wait until it shuts down. Then press, hold the combination of sync, eject (if your console has), power buttons till you hear two beeps. Leave the button as you hear the two beeps, and you will see a menu on your gaming screen.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • On the d-pad of your game controller, navigate and choose Reset this Xbox option.
Xbox One Stuck On Green Screen-1
  • Press the A button to remove everything.
  • While you will confirm the Remove everything command, press A again.
  • Factory reset progress on your console will start.

The Xbox One Stuck on Green Screen Issue will be solved.

Method 5: Formatting the Hard Drive of your Xbox One Console

If the green screen issue occurs due to a read-write error, then this solution can help. The read-write error occurs due to corrupt files on the console’s hard drive. The corrupt files are entirely corrupt your hard drive. Therefore, the controller fails to load the required runner files, which leads to the issue. 

Moreover, it is the most effective solution to fix the read-write error. Again you will lose all your data if you format your hard drive, but the green screen death issue will be resolved if it occurs due to a read-write error.


Before formatting, make sure to back up your console’s data. Moreover, there are several data recovery tools that you can use before formatting your hard drive.

Bonus Tip: Servicing Your Console

If none of those mentioned above solutions don’t work, then the issue is not with your Xbox One. So, you have the official Xbox One official store or contact your buyer to get it fixed.

But internal hardware issues are rare. But, still, if you face any problems that you can not resolve by yourself, then call a technician from a trusted shop to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the green screen of death issue?

Several reasons account for the Green Screen Death Issue like corrupted hard drive, corrupted files, read-write errors, or any hardware issue. 

What happens if I reset the console without a backup?

You will lose all your games, data, and progress so it’s better to create a backup. Else, you have to collect it again and play more for progress.


Which button should I press in combination if my console does not have an eject button?

If it does not have the eject button, then just use the two combination keys of sync and power for 10 seconds. But don’t leave the eject button if your console has it! 

Why is the Xbox one not loading?

Well, in case your Xbox one is not loading you can try performing the hard reset.

To hard reset, your Xbox One, follow the steps:-

  • Press and hold the Power Button of the Xbox for 8 seconds.
  • Unplug your device or remove the cord from the back of the console for 5 minutes.
  • Now, again plug in the power cord back and restart it. This might fix your Xbox one is not loading error.

The Conclusion

The Green Screen of Death on Xbox One doesn’t load any content; so besides getting annoyed you may be worried.

But you need not worry as most of the time any of the above-mentioned processes will help. There are minimal chances that you would need a technician for fixing the same.

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