How to Fix Xbox Black Screen Error

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Everyone wants and deserves a quick boot time. The person who’s waiting for a game or console to load knows the value of every second. The fabric of time seems stretched when you are at the loading screen.


Recently, many Xbox users reported the issue of black screen, also called screen of death, while using the console. As the name suggests, the screen gets black and remains stuck.

As a first-aid, you can try restarting your console by unplugging it completely. But, if that didn’t work for you, we have listed some solutions for Xbox Black Screen Error.

What causes Xbox Black Screen Error

The black screen error occurs because of a glitch in the console dashboard. The incorrect transition of the system from hibernation mode causes this glitch.

Some users reported screen freeze just after booting the Xbox. Display issues generally occur due to hardware damages like cables and ports.

Another reason can be new system updates. These system updates might fix some issues, but they bring new ones too.


How to fix the Xbox Black Screen Error

Firstly, let’s take a look into some community solutions for the problem:

RT + Y

This solution is tested and suggested by the users. You have to press RT + Y continuously as soon as the pins start moving during the startup process. It worked for many Xbox users facing the black screen error.

Opening the Xbox store

Again, this is a community solution. If you enter the Xbox store during the black screen error and press A on the Advertisement that pops up, you will return to the dashboard.

If the above two fixes didn’t work for you, try the following solutions:

Troubleshoot Display issues

Try troubleshooting display issues. Black screen error can occur due to faulty or loose cables. The HDMI cord connectivity to the TV should be proper.


Look carefully for any physical damages to the HDMI. Any cuts or bends on the cord might cause the black screen problem. 

Not just faulty cables, clogged and damaged ports might cause black screen error. Try the HDMI cable on some other device to check if it’s defective or not. If the display shows ‘No Signal,’ definitely it’s a hardware issue.

Reset display settings

Remove any inserted disc in the console. Long press the Xbox button on the console to turn it off. Next, press the power and the bind button together.

Stop pressing the power button as soon as you hear the first beep sound & the bind button when you hear the second beep.

It will start up the device with bars around since it’s low resolution. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on the console.


Locate the system in the guide. Now, click on Settings > General Settings > TV & Display Options. Select a correct resolution depending upon your display.

Fix Xbox Black Screen Error

Fixing Xbox Operating System

This process requires a New Technology File System (NTFS) USB with 6GB storage space. You can format a standard USB to NTFS from Device Manager. 

(offline) from their official website on your USB. On the root folder of your USB device, extract the $SystemUpdate from the downloaded Zip file.

Remove all the cables from the console for a while. After reconnecting, long-press the pair, eject & power button until you hear two beep sounds.

The troubleshooter menu will pop up. Now you have to connect the USB device with the required files. Navigate to Offline System Update. Any software issues will get resolved by these steps.


Factory Reset your Xbox:

One option can be restoring your Xbox to factory default. Open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

Now, navigate through Profile & System > Settings > System > Console info > Reset Console.

Choose the ‘Reset & keep my games & apps‘ option for saving the game data. You will not lose your game data, and if there’s any corrupted file, it will get deleted.

Fix Xbox Black Screen Error

Blank screen while watching a blue-ray disc

If a black screen occurs while watching a blue-ray disc, it’s because of Allow 24hz setting. Disable the setting by following these steps:

Again go to the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. In the guide, navigate through Profile & System > Settings > General > TV & display options. In the display options, you will find video modes. Click on Allow 24Hz to disable the setting.


Sending your Xbox for repair

If none of the steps worked for you, ship the console back to Microsoft for repair. Visit their official website and search for device services.

You need to sign in from your Microsoft account and enter the serial key that came with your Xbox to check the warranty. They will explain to you the process for shipping the console to them. 

Fix Xbox Black Screen Error


No one likes watching a black screen when they want to play games and have a relaxed time.

Hopefully, you will be able to fix the problem on your own, as the process of shipping your Xbox to Microsoft for repair will cost you some money and might take a while.

Before sending for a repair, you can contact Microsoft customer support for help. You can save yourself from the hassle of sending them the console if they have a resolution for you.

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