How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode? – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide
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Money is tight for everyone in GTA V, especially if you’re on the low end of the socioeconomic scale. There is a myriad of ways to make extra cash and fulfill your thirst for luxury, but it isn’t always easy to acquire the amount of money you need from within the game. 


If you want to maximize your GTA 5 earnings, there are several things that you must do to improve your bank balance. While most players choose to simply complete story mode, others pick up some side activities or repeat them frequently to earn more money. 

There are plenty of challenges that allow you to earn even more cash. This guide will provide you with all the tips and tricks necessary to become a millionaire. Keep on Reading!

Street Races

If you find yourself short on cash and need some fast money, street races are a great way to make money. Purchase a Coil Voltic electric sports car, then modify it as much as possible. It’s simple to win any of the races with Franklin’s unique special talent. 

Simply press L3 and R3 simultaneously before each sharp curve or in any critical situation (e.g. dense traffic) to activate the special talent, and going through corners at full speed becomes a breeze. 

To keep your yellow talent power bar filled, remember to turn off your special ability as soon as feasible before starting a race; this will keep your yellow bar filled up.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

ATM Robberies 

When someone leaves an ATM with a small amount of cash in their pockets, wait for them to walk away before following them. Wait until they’re out of sight before approaching them and robbing them with bare fists or a suppressed weapon. Before the cops arrive, get out of the area!

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Small Time Antics 

In GTA 5, money is scarce early on. To get some fast cash, rob convenience stores or corner markets. Stand by the entrance, aim a gun at the cashier and shoot around him to impress him. Take his money and flee before the cops arrive. 

Set up shop in a few favorite establishments and hunt for hiding spots nearby. Just outside the store, park your vehicle facing the street; then grab your cash and get in your car before heading to an alcove nearby where you can sit back comfortably and wait for the police to arrive. 

You can amass a sizable bankroll by moving between well-known stores throughout the city.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Stock Investments 

When playing Grand Theft Auto V, it’s important to keep an eye on the news. Try following stocks that are performing well or poorly by saving your game and then switching off autosave.


Put all of your money into a stock that you believe will rise in value, attend to your safehouse, and rest without saving the game or wait about 45 seconds before checking your portfolio to see how much money you’ve made.

BAWSAQ and LCN are the two stock exchanges where GTA Online players can invest their money if they want to make the most money. It is best to complete The Big Score before beginning these quests.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide


GTA 5’s story mode contains stock market murder missions, in which players must kill specific well-known business executives to lower the value of their competitor’s worth. Players should complete these missions as soon as possible; doing so will help them make a lot of money. 

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide


In both the online and story modes of Grand Theft Auto 5, players can participate in a variety of heists. The heists in story mode serve as a tutorial of sorts, and completing them is quintessential to earning the big bucks.

After that, they can replay the heist with different strategies or approaches. Doing so will earn them more money.


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How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Weed Farm Raid 

The GTA 5 farm near Mount Chiliad can be raided while playing as Trevor. The farm is located in an in-game location called Leafy Creek, and it respawns after 48 minutes (one in-game day).

Players can earn a minimum of $60,000 from raiding the farm, which is quite a lot for new players. All that needs to be done is kill a few guards, take the money from the shed and run away before cops arrive.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Store Robberies 

GTA takes open-world gaming to a new level, allowing players to interact with everything in the game. Los Santos and Blaine County have many stores scattered throughout the map; some are general stores, others are pumps or clothing stores, or Ammu-Nations. 

Hold-ups can be easily done as players just need to point a gun at the cashier and shoot around them to raise their intimidation level. Once a cashier is scared, they will quickly empty their register and dump a bag full of cash on the floor for you to pick up. 

Some shops have second registers, which can also be emptied by shooting them.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Armored Trucks 

Players will receive a tutorial box suggesting that armored convoys can be attacked to make some quick cash.

The first step is to stick a Sticky Bomb on the back of an armored van, which will cause it to explode and net the player a large sum of money in return. Like the rest of the Story Mode, these will add up over time and eventually net players a lot of money in the long run.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Random Encounters 

Random Encounters, as the name suggests, appear randomly and net the player a fair amount of cash. One of the highest-paying encounters occurs when the player is roaming about his house as Franklin.

If the player returns a young kid’s stolen bike to him, he will reward him with $100,000. This encounter occurs around Franklin’s house and only when playing as Franklin.

How To Get Money in GTA V Story Mode - A Comprehensive Guide

Bottom Line 

There are numerous ways to earn money in GTA V, and it is worth exploring them all. Doing so can make a big difference in how gamers progress through the game by allowing them to purchase high-end items earlier. 


As previously mentioned, a wide range of activities can be extremely lucrative in GTA V, including investing in stocks and betting on races.

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