How to Add Friends on Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing
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Animal Crossing New Horizons focuses on inculcating the spirit of friendship and brotherhood in players. You have different color furniture series, various types of fruits, and game forces that let you meet other players so that they can collect all the collectible stuff for your island.


The game is all about meeting new people and visiting their islands. Therefore, it allows you to invite friends so that they can know the changes you have brought to your island from the game’s beginning. Besides, it does not pose any threat like no other player can destroy your island.

The game has a moderate level of difficulty and lasts for 5 minutes. You need a Nintendo Switch Online Subscription and a Nintendo Switch Console besides having a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Well, the fact is flaunting your island’s progress is fun. However, New Horizons makes it a profitable deal for the players to generate more revenue and do better in the game.  

For that, you have to invite friends so that they visit your island or you can visit anyone else’s island. Therefore, it allows you to earn some Nook Miles frequently.

Therefore, players who search for their Dreamie make it easier to fetch Nook Miles, the only condition being that they should have sufficient friends for the purpose.


Therefore, you should add friends to your list so that you will be alerted when any of your friends are online. So you can visit their island, it’s interesting and a profitable deal.

Active Friends Animal Crossing

What are the Requirements for a Friends Visit?

To visit your friend’s island or wait for someone else to visit, you must wait for a day after creating your island. When you arrive on an island, don’t be surprised if the airport is closed as on the first day, the airport is inaccessible.

To use the Airport for business purposes, you have to visit different islands and welcome visitors visiting your Island. But for both purposes, you require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription plan.

But, you need to make sure that the visitors will not necessarily need to visit from the Nintendo Online Switch Friends list, but you can also get them via a Dodo Code.

Dodo Codes benefits by giving greater control to the island’s visitors; however, it does increase the chance of meeting suspicious people. 


Moreover, the Animal Crossing community allows the players to allow strangers to visit, but they have reported that their islands have been destroyed.

But, you must not forget that good crowds exist equally to bad crowds. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have been invited and enjoyed your title as Best Friend on your island.

Dodo Airlines Port

How to Allow All Friends?

To invite all your friends to your island, you have to go to the airport. Afterward, open the gate to allow all your Nintendo Switch friends to visit your island.

The method is the simplest and quickest one as you don’t need a code so that they visit your island. Besides, you can use the method for convenience.

  • Go to Dodo Airlines and talk to Orville. Then choose the I Want Visitors option.
  • Further, choose Online Play. If you want to invite any local players, you can also use this method.
  • Content to Internet/WiFi, and you will get the following options:-
    • All my Friends
    • Only my Best Friends
    • Invite Via Dodo Code
Dodo Airlines

If you select the All my friend option, you allow every Nintendo Switch Friends to visit your farm and thus open gates to everyone.


How to Invite Friends using the Dodo Code?

You can invite friends to visit your island by using the Dodo Code. Here, you can allow anyone to visit your island if they are not your friends, but they should have a code known as the “Dodo Code.”

  • Visit Dodo Airlines
  • Talk to Orville and choose Invite Via Dodo Code
  • You will get three options:-
    • Only my Friends
    • Only my Best Friends
    • The more, the merrier
Add Friend Animal Crossing

Select an option as per your requirement. You will then get a five-character code combining both letters and numbers. You can share the code with others, and they can use it to visit your island.

When you choose the Only My Friends option, you choose only your Nintendo Switch friends to visit your island. Whereas if you choose Only My Best Friends, Best Friends can only visit your island.

But when you choose the more, the merrier option, you give access to any game player to visit your island irrespective of whether they are your Nintendo Switch friends.

How to Visit Another Player’s Island?

You can visit any other player’s island. You also have two options: Via Dodo Code or using your Friends List.

  • Go to Airlines
  • Speak to Orville and choose I Wanna Fly!
  • Then navigate to the I Wanna Visit Someone option and select via Online Play
  • Speak to Roger when Orville notifies you that he’s connecting you to the internet.
  • Orville will give you two options so that you can choose how to want to travel:-
    • Search for a Friend
    • Search via Dodo Code
Via Online Play Animal Crossing

When you choose to Search for a Friend, you can join any of your friend’s islands who will be online. But, if you choose Search via Dodo Code, you should have the player’s Dodo Code and enter that code to visit.

How to Invite Best Friends to Visit your Island?

Let’s learn how to invite Best Friends to visit your island and how the system works! 

The notable difference between a friend and a Best friend is that friends can visit your island, whereas Best Friends can not only visit the island but also destroy your island using tools.

Any friends who have visited your island before can also be set as Best Friends on the NookPhone. The following are the steps to invite Best Friends to visit your island.

  • Meet a player while playing the game.
  • Add them as Best Friends.
  • You can check when your Best Friends will be online. You can send them in-game messages or even send them gifts.
  • When you want to connect with your friend, be at the same place at the same time as the friend in the game.
  • Land on the same island, and this name will appear on your device.
  • Add them to your list.
Asks to be Friend

When you visit any other island, you fetch Nook Miles rewards. It helps you to score more points in the game. You can even trade using Nook Miles for stuff like Nook Miles Tickets.


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