How To Make Cake In Minecraft? – A Step-By-Step Guide

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While the blocky world of Minecraft might appear a bit childish at first glance, you’ll soon realize that it’s no easy job to survive in this sandboxed world as you continue playing the game.


The first thing you’re supposed to do after spawning is to locate or create a shelter to pass the night.

Moreover, while exploring the vast terrains of this endlessly-expanding world, you also have to make sure that your Steve doesn’t starve to death by making him constantly eat certain food items every now and then in the game.

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

You need to take care of two primary stats – hunger and saturation – that are both measured by the little bar right next to your health. The more you walk, sprint, or mine in the game, the quicker these bars tend to decline.

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

If you reach a point where you only have a handful of these hunger bars available, your character will get weaker and won’t restore his health automatically. It will also prevent you from sprinting, which makes you prone to getting caught by the hostile mobs in the game.

Although your player can survive on various food items in the game (even rotten flesh), you might be one of the few who prefer to thrive rather than just survive. Specifically for players like you, Mojang has added a cake to the game.


In this guide, we’ll be discussing how you can make a cake in Minecraft and why it makes sense to do so:

Items Required to Make a Cake in Minecraft

Before diving into the crafting recipe, let’s take a moment to look at the various items that you need to create a cake in Minecraft in the first place. Each of these items listed below is required in a specific quantity to produce a cake:

Wheat (x3)

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

There are several different types of crops in Minecraft, out of which wheat is the easiest to find in the overworld. It can be acquired by destroying grass blocks in certain biomes that may drop wheat seeds, which you can use to farm and grow your own wheat.

All you have to do is locate a suitable piece of land and convert it into farmland using a hoe. Then, sow the wheat seeds by right-clicking on your mouse while pointing the crosshair at the farmland. Once done, you must wait for the wheat to show up and then harvest it.

Additionally, wheat can also be found occurring naturally in villages that you can raid and steal from. Even hay bales can be converted into wheat using the crafting table that too can be found in villages with just a little bit of exploration.


Egg (x1)

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

Once you’ve gathered enough wheat, it’s time to look for eggs in the overworld. Just like in real life, acquiring an egg is relatively simple in Minecraft. You just have to stay around a chicken for long enough until it lays an egg. On average, it takes around 5-10 minutes to get an egg from a chicken in Minecraft.

Milk (x3)

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

As you may have already guessed, milk can be acquired by locating a cow in the overworld and right-clicking on it while holding a bucket to extract the milk.

A bucket can be made by placing three iron ingots in the crafting grid. To get iron ingots, you can either consider mining and smelting iron ore or gather loot from chests at various locations in the game.

Sugar (x2)

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

Sugar is the last item you need to acquire to make a cake in Minecraft. It can be made using both sugar canes and honey bottles as per your preferences. The former can be found easily near a source of water in the overworld.

They can occur as two-four blocks tall at various biomes. However, don’t spend time searching for them in desert biomes, as water sources are quite rare in these biomes. Once you acquire sugarcane, all you have to do is place them in the crafting grid of the crafting table to yield sugar.


Alternatively, you can also make sugar using honey bottles, which can be crafted by using a glass bottle and a bee nest or beehive. A glass bottle can be obtained in a plethora of ways, including fishing, drinking potions, crafting, witch drops, and many more.

On the other hand, a beehive is a naturally-occurring item that can be acquired using a tool with Silk Touch enchantment. Just like sugarcane, you can place a bottle of honey on the crafting grid of the crafting table to acquire sugar in the output grid.

How To Craft a Cake in Minecraft Survival Mode?

Now that you have acquired and gathered all the required items, you may consider crafting the cake with the help of the crafting table. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Firstly, place the crafting table on your base or any surface, and then click on it to access the crafting grid
  • Place the egg in the center of the 3×3 grid and put the wheat and milk in the third and first rows, respectively
  • Then, add pieces of sugar to the remaining grids of the crafting table

If you follow the recipe as stated and make the correct placement of the items on the crafting table, you’ll be able to get a cake in the output grid of your crafting table. Now you can simply move it to your inventory, and you’re done.

How To Make Cake In Minecraft - A Step-By-Step Guide?

Keep in mind that once you’ve made a cake using the aforementioned recipe, you’ll have three empty buckets available after the process. You can move them to the inventory, too, for later usage.


Eating A Cake in Minecraft

The cake is one such food item that’s quite different from others. It cannot be eaten like other foods that need to be equipped in your hot bar and need to be placed on top of a solid block instead. A player can consume a cake seven times in the form of slices.

Each slice restores two hunger bars and 0.4 saturation, which means eating a full cake will allow you to restore 14 hunger bars and 2.8 saturation bars. The best thing about eating a cake is that it doesn’t consist of any eating animation, so that a piece can be consumed in one tick.

Furthermore, multiple players can eat a single cake at once, which makes it one of the most effective food items on servers like 2B2T, where lag is quite common.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Iron Required to Make Cake in Minecraft?

If you already have buckets in your Minecraft inventory, you don’t need any iron to make a cake. However, if you don’t have buckets, you need to gather iron first and convert them into ingots, followed by making buckets with them.

Can A Cake Be Made Using Honey in Minecraft?

Yes, you can choose to use honey instead of sugarcane to gain sugar for the cake recipe. A honey bottle provides you with two pieces of sugar that can be used for the crafting recipe of the cake.


What Happens to Buckets After Making a Cake in Minecraft?

Once you prepare a cake in Minecraft, the buckets get empty and can be moved to your inventory. This way, you can use them again for varying purposes.

Final Words

The cake is certainly one of the most distinctive food items available in the world of Minecraft. It offers several unique features that make it different from other eatables in the game.

This item was added as a mode to celebrate the game being selected as one of the top-rated indie games. Therefore, make sure you consider making a cake right away in Minecraft. 

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