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How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft (3 Easy Methods)

Looking for a perfect guide to Repair a Bow in Minecraft? Then you are in the right place, continue reading…


As we know, Minecraft is one of the most famous and addicting games. Basically, the bow is a weapon in Minecraft which is used for killing enemies and hunting animals.

Bows are of two types: enchanted and ordinary bows. It includes fun techniques which you can enjoy while playing.

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Can a Bow in Minecraft be repaired?


If you are at the beginner level, then you have to learn various things in Minecraft.

You can explore the game while playing it as it is full of adventures, and you will definitely enjoy it.


Only you need to follow some specific methods to repair a bow in Minecraft.

Why does the bow usually broke?

It feels very disturbing when you are bored and your bow breaks in the middle of the game.

The question is: why does the bow break?

This is because Minecraft has a specific HP, and when you excessively use your bow, it starts to lose its stat, which results in breakage.

Either you have to repair it or make a new one.


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What you need to Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

You need to understand the basic requirement before you jump in to repair your bow.

You should have Anvil in your inventory to repair an enchanted bow, if not, you can craft it first.

It includes four iron ingots, three iron squares, and with the help of these things you can craft it which will eventually help in repairing a bow.

Repair a Bow in Minecraft

What kind of bow can be repaired in Minecraft?

Before knowing the repairing part, you can take some of the things into consideration.


For example, if you are playing Minecraft, you will see that there are two types of bows that have been mentioned above.

One is a Normal Bow that comes with regular abilities. It can be used for different purposes.

The second one is called an Enchanted Bow which has higher powers than a normal bow. It enables the players to get more power than the ordinary ones because of their abilities.

But you need to know that both of these bows can be used to break easily. You need to repair them so that you can keep using them in the game.

Moreover, you can repair both Enchanted Bows as well as Regular Bows in Minecraft, which makes the game even more interesting.


How can you Repair a Bow in Minecraft?

If you are facing the problem of breaking a bow and don’t know how to fix it, then here are the methods to look at.

You can repair a bow in Minecraft in three ways which are given below:

Repair a Bow in Minecraft using an Anvil

To repair your bow, an anvil is required over other equipment.

Moreover, to craft an Anvil yourself, you have to get hold of enough iron ingots for crafting three blocks of iron with four ingots leftover.

  • Firstly, open Anvil from inventory, then select the bow which you have to repair in the first slot and a unit of material for the second slot.
  • As you will do these, Anvil fixes the bow without stripping, it’s enchantments.
  • Moreover, if you have two or more than two enchanted bows, you can merge them with the help of Anvil. No doubt, it will take some of the XPs, but this bow will have more power than the older ones.
  • Make sure that Anvil accepts the jobs upto level 39 and enchanting upto level 30.
Repair a Bow in Minecraft

Repair a Bow in Minecraft using Grindstone

  • Firstly, open your grindstone from your inventory. If you don’t know how to make a grindstone, then you can see some of the tutorials from the internet to make a grindstone.
  • Then place the bows in the grindstone, i.e., placing the diamond bow in the top box in another row in the bottom box.
  • After that, you will see the repaired bow  on the right.
  • Lastly, move the repaired bow to your inventory, and yes, you are done now. Make sure that if you prepare an enchanted bow with the grindstone, it will remove its enchantments.
Repair a Bow in Minecraft

Repair a Bow in Minecraft using a Crafting Table

  • Firstly, drop the two regular bows from the inventory box to the craft table.
  • If you repair a bow at the crafting table, it will be stronger and reliable, which can be easily repaired at the crafting table.
  • If you want to fix an ordinary bow, then the crafting table is a perfect choice, but when you try to fix the enchantment bow in it, there can be slight enhancement in their reliability. So it totally depends on you if you have to repair the enchantment bow or the ordinary bow in the crafting table.
Repair a Bow in Minecraft

General FAQs

Which one is the strongest sword in Minecraft?

The diamond sword is one of the strongest swords in Minecraft because of its high reliability.

Why is the bow used in Minecraft?

The bow is used to attack enemies and save them from their attack too.

What is the role of a smoker in Minecraft?

It is used to cook food like a furnace, but it cooks food faster than it does.

When can I use a crafting table then?

As it has been mentioned, the crafting table technique is not the main one.
It can be better if you use it as your last option because if you are going for this method, and you do not have any elements for crafting the Anvils because if we use a crafting table, it replaces the new elements with the old ones.

Conclusion – Repair a Bow in Minecraft

Now you can easily know how to fix a bow in Minecraft. It is quite easy to repair a bow in Minecraft, but sometimes a beginner faces the problem, but you can take help from various online supports like us.

As you have been told in this article, you can repair an ordinary bow with a simple crafting table and for an enchanted bow, you can use the Anvil one.

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