How to Unban Someone on Minecraft?

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Are you looking to unban someone from your Minecraft server? Whether it’s a friend who made a mistake or a player who’s learned from their past mistakes, it’s important to know how to lift a ban in order to keep your community inclusive and welcoming.


This guide will walk you through the steps for unbanning a player on your Minecraft server. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Ban on Minecraft

Unban Someone on Minecraft

Before banning a player from the Minecraft server, you must know the different types of bans on Minecraft.

Player Ban: When you ban a player based on the name, then it is called a player ban. It restricts that particular profile from accessing your Minecraft server. However, the player can still create a pseudo profile and access the server.

The command used for a player ban on the Minecraft server is /ban <username> [reason]

IP Ban: Banning a player based on his last used IP is known as IP Ban on Minecraft. The command used for banning a player based on the IP is /ban-ip <IP|username> [reason]


How to Unban Someone on Minecraft?

Lift the Player Ban

If you have banned a player based on the username, then you can unban them using the command /pardon.

Firstly, visit the console of the Minecraft server.

Now, use the command /pardon <username>. In case you don’t remember the username of the player, go ahead and type the command /banlist. This will give you the list of users banned in the past.

After you find the username, go ahead and type the command /pardon. The player will now be unbanned and can join the server.

Lift the IP Ban

If you have banned the player based on their IP in the past, then use the command /pardon-ip to unban the player.


Visit the Minecraft server console and type the command /pardon-ip <IP Address>. You need to enter the exact IP to unban the player on the server. Now, the player will be able to join the server.

Only if you are an admin or operator or server OP; you will be able to unban other players from the server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the in-game console to unban a player on Minecraft?

Yes, you can make use of the in-game console to unban a player on Minecraft. However, you need to be the admin, server OP, or operator to lift the ban on the player.

Will Minecraft be able to unban the player?

Minecraft can unban the players who have violated the rules and regulations of the game in certain scenarios. However, one must remember that there are two kinds of the ban in Minecraft: temporary and permanent.

Is the unbanning process the same for all Minecraft editions?

Yes, the unbanning feature remains the same across all Minecraft editions. You need to use the /pardon command to unban the player.


In conclusion, unbanning someone on Minecraft is easy with the right steps, as outlined above.

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