Top 9 Best Roblox Zombie Games

Roblox is famed for the eclectic options the players get for forming their own game, customizing avatars, etc. There are diverse genres of games in Roblox, like shooting, role-playing, horror & Roblox zombie games, etc.


The community-driven game has smashed graphs with its earnings crossing the $2 billion mark.

Best Roblox Zombie Games

There are hundreds & thousands of exact genre games in Roblox & so it gets a bit problematic to determine the best one. Speaking about the brain-eater sort, we have shortlisted some of the finest Roblox zombie games for you. 

Top Roblox zombie games

Everyone enjoys zombie video games & so there are numerous such games in Roblox. Let’s take a look at the current best Roblox zombie games out there that you can try next:

Field Trip Z

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Field Trip Z offer players much more than just a Roblox zombie game. There’s a storyline to this game with alternate climaxes. Yes, the player judgments affect the direction in which the story goes.

You get to fight these creatures & with each level, you’ll face a better & stronger boss. The Field Trip Z is a must-try Roblox zombie game.

Play: Field Trip Z

Zombie Defense Tycoon

Best Roblox Zombie Games

The Zombie Defense Tycoon game is a bit distinct from typical Roblox zombie games. The concept is somewhat like Plant v/s Zombie, where you need to protect the house from Zombies using obstacles. Similarly, in Zombie Defense Tycoon, a player needs to construct a tower against Zombies.

Play: Zombie Defense Tycoon


Zombie Uprising

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Zombie Uprising is a typical Zombie shooter game. The players can get weapons to fight against Zombie invasions. Equipment is upgradable in exchange for the in-game currency, which is obtainable by taking down Zombies.

Play: Zombie Uprising

Zombie High School

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Another Roblox Zombie game on the list is Zombie High School. The game takes place in an abandoned high school setting & the concept of reward in the Zombie High School game is similar to the previous one. A player gets a blade to fight at the beginning against Zombies raiding the forsaken high school.

Play: Zombie High School

Zombie Rush

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Another notable game on the Roblox Zombie games list is the Zombie rush. The players have to eliminate the tides of Zombies using in-game artillery. But that’s like every other Roblox Zombie game, so what’s so different about this game?


The most thrilling element of this game is that you reincarnate into the brain-eating creature when you die.

Play: Zombie Rush

Zombie Attack

Best Roblox Zombie Games

The Zombie attack game offers players to squad up and smash the Zombies out. There are various levels with different challenges & mighty bosses & has 1.3 Billion+ views currently.

Play: Zombie Attack

All of Us Are Dead

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Inspired by a television show, All of Us Are Dead is an incredible Roblox Zombie game. The players need to outlast as long as possible.


Just like in movies & skits, the in-game Zombies become mighty as the daylight ceases. The reward system works here on a day survived basis. By only the details, the game seems a hell lot of fun.

Play: All of Us Are Dead

Project Lazarus

Best Roblox Zombie Games

The Project Lazarus game has taken inspiration directly from the Call of Duty franchise. The difficulty rises with every round with increasing Zombie raids. If you’re a Call of Duty player & love the Zombie theme, you’ll enjoy this game. It has had over 100 million visits since its inception.

Play: Project Lazarus

Rise of the Dead

Best Roblox Zombie Games

Finally, there’s something for role-playing game enthusiasts on this Roblox Zombie games list. Rise of the Dead offer players the opportunity to step in & protect the in-game non-player characters from brain-eaters, who are evolving, by completing missions & moving through the storyline.


Play: Rise of the Dead

That sums up our list of the best Roblox Zombie games currently available. There are numerous more Zombie games around there that you can try besides these. Roblox Zombie games are much more fun when you play them with your friends. So invite your squad over & shoot some Zombie’s brains.


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