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Retainers are an essential part of Final Fantasy XIV. They are Non-Performing Characters (NPCs) that can perform the function of a storage unit. Players get up to 175 slots for storing in-game items. 


You can even sell items that you have stored using Retainers. If you have some extra commodity or crafted something deliberately for selling, you can sell them by positioning them on the selling panel.

In this article, we are going to list and discuss the Best Retainer Class for FFXIV that can be used in the game to improvise the fantasy experience of Final Fantasy XIV.

Best Retainer Class for FFXIV

Best Retainer Class for FFXIV

Below listed are the Best Retainer Class for FFXIV:

Gladiator (Paladin): 

The Gladiator class is known for its immense attacking power, tank capabilities, strength & stability. These are helpful in the early quests of the game.

The USP of Gladiator is its transition to Paladin after level 30. You will find Paladin in the list of one of the best jobs obtainable in Final Fantasy XIV.



Gunbreaker came in the third expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, called Shadowbringers. Sporting the armor of Fending, Gunbreakers carries gunblades.

You can use many powerful techniques by performing combos using gunblades. These blades can even defend the holder & his allies. When used typically, the sword forms a shield around you & your allies.


They are Disciple of Magic class. Upgradeable to two different jobs, Arcanists are proficient in the art of arcanum. These two jobs are the Summoner & the Scholar.

 In Final Fantasy XIV, there are symbols of force born of dimensional methods. These symbols are the source of the endless mighty spells an Arcanist can produce.


Sage got introduced in the fourth expansion to the game. With powerful healing skills, Sage has robust attack knacks, unlike other healers in the game.


The player gets in-pack a lot of heals & shields and is overall a team job. They can even amplify their abilities for some time.


Reapers are known for being one of the best DPS providers. They also joined the party with the Endwalker expansion. The area of effect skills on them is beyond others. It means the area under which the magic and abilities affect numerous targets simultaneously.


Miners are from the gatherer class. They are concerned with collecting raw materials required for crafting, such as minerals & ores. 

Using Miner Retainer can make you rich. As they gather materials, you can trade them on the market panel. It will save the time you would have put in gathering. 

If you are into crafting and formulating items, Miner is the one for you.



Archer has the power to move while striking. Using Archer, you can evade the area of effect. The capabilities and attacks are fast-paced & often linked with Run & Gun.

If moving around and assisting your squad members is your thing, you can choose Archer.


Botanists are concerned with resources related to nature and plants. These retainers gather items like seeds & logs. Sending Botanist Retainers for gathering is beneficial for you. If they find a rare commodity during woodland or a usual exploration, you will get a good amount if you sell it in the market panel.

Conjurer (White Mage)

If you have started the game and want to play as a healer, Conjurer is the only available option. Using Conjurer, you can learn the basics of how to operate as a healer in Final Fantasy XIV.

The best part comes when you evolve in a White Mage. For becoming a White Mage, you need to reach level 30 using Conjurer. They are equipped with wands and wear healing armor.



The name is somewhat self-explanatory. This class includes gathering aquatic resources and crafting related raw materials such as fish & shells. 

The rare items in these resources are of great value. Trading them on the market will offer you high prices.

If you are interested in fishing & crafting, Fisher can be a great job & if you get lucky enough, you might find rare items on the work.

Lancer (Dragoon)

With polearms equipped, Lancer carries plate armor on his chest. With combo spins, you can send Lancer gliding around the battlefield.

Again, Lancers are just a start. The real fun begins when you become Dragoon after level 30. Dragoon is known for its aerial strikes and accurate attacks. 


Dragoon owns the armor of Maiming. The jump attacks are indeed a mesmerizing experience to watch & perform.

How you can unlock Retainers?

For unlocking Retainers in Final Fantasy XIV, you need to complete the main story task, which is The Scions of the Seventh Dawn. You can find this mission at the 17th level in the game. 

You will get three main cities in the early phase of the game. Retainers are available for hiring in these cities.

Hiring Retainers

For starters, you can only own two retainers. In the city, Retainers are available at Retainers Vocate around the Market board.

If you need more than two Retainers, you have to purchase them from their website, chargeable monthly.



That’s it for the best Retainer class for FFXIV. Use them to level up quickly and earn more Gil. Gil is the in-game currency used widely. Enjoy playing the game & choose the best retainer according to your playstyle & skillset.

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