Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List


  • Apart from conventional ways of summoning characters, Bloodline Heroes of Lithas stand apart, where it’s all controlling the city by marrying characters based on leadership and qualities.
  • Here’s where the Tier List guides you about how you can create the most potent team to accomplish goals.
  • We have covered you with the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List 2023.
Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas
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In recent years, new games have emerged with unique gameplay that has been a treat for gamers around the globe.


One is Bloodline Heroes of Lithas, where you merge bloodlines and bring generations together to create your legacy.

You get to play the role of high Guardian and control the city of light by tackling several challenges. Overall, it keeps you intrigued with its exciting challenges and tasks. 

However, you may often need clarification on the ideal combinations while creating new bloodlines in this fantasy game. 

So, we have prepared a Tier list that will guide you to create the best team of fighters and lovers to create the most potent team for yourself.  

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List

In this article, we have prepared the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List based on their strength, Bloodline, leadership qualities, and role. 


So, let’s go!

Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List 

Let’s check out who are the Bloodline heroes of Lithas Tier! Whom do you think of them to be? 

Well, you can check ours! 

SDoombringer (female), Doombringer (male), Fulgur (female), Fulgur (male), Ignis (female), Lionstone (male), Lionstone (female)
AIgnis (male), Karg (female), Tidestorm (female), Tidestorm (male), Urgrull (female), Zaess (female)
BAeson (female), Gryphon (male), Karg (male), Luxuriant (female), Luxuriant (male), Yvnian (male), Yvnian (female), Zaess (male)
CAeson (male), Gryphon (female), Lume (female), Lycanis (male), Lycanis (female), Elzideth (male), Urgrull (male), Karguk (male), Karguk (female)
DElzideth (female), Travain (male), Travain (female), Sallyhorn (female), Sallyhorn (male), Lume (male), Hunstdorf (male), Hunstdorf (female)
Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Companions - Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List

S Tier

The S-tier Clans have the highest power ratings. So they can easily combat the strongest characters. Consequently, it can help you produce the best characters in the game.

  • Doombringer (female) 

Doombringer is one of the strong clans in the game that can cause much damage to the opponent.  They have a bloodline aspect of dark magic.


Doombringer is a powerful fighter and a tank from the District of Blackwood. She is knowledgeable and has excellent defense and combat skills.

A unique aspect of Doombringer Female is her ability to cast shadows and manipulate others. But, she is ruthless toward her teammates, making her difficult to manage. 

  • Doombringer (male) 

Doombringer male is as strong as Doombringer Female. It has a similar bloodline aspect of dark magic. Also, it can cast shadows and make illusions that can be a smart move in tricky situations. But, it has an inherent trait to be power-hungry that can be challenging at some point in the game. 

  • Fulgur (female)

Fulgur clan is proficient in both  PvP and PvE. Also, it has a significant area of effect damage ability that can help to tackle special attacks by enemies. It has a bloodline aspect of lightning.

She is highly agile and quick, like lightning speed, which can help to combat enemies with good speed. But, she has low strength that is difficult to fight with stronger enemies. 

  • Fulgur (male) 

Fulger males have a substantial area of effect damage like the fulgur male. If you need help finding enemies, Fulgur Male is the right choice to track down your enemies.

To complement that ability, they have analytical and perceptive abilities. This quality can go to a greater extent, and act stubbornly in some situations. 

  • Ignis (female)

Another clan that has a good area of effect damage is Ignis. It has a bloodline aspect of fire that can cause burning to the opponent with good fire and heat abilities—consequently, their damage increases with time.

Ignis has a beautiful defense capability where it creates fire barriers to protect itself. This strength often turns into its weakness as it has a fiery temper. 

  • Lionstone (male)

After lightning, fire, and dark magic comes lionstone with a bloodline aspect of Earth. For solid combat skills, it has an enhanced sword with incredible powers.


Due to its connection with the earth, it has Unique soil and stone abilities. On the contrary, it has solid and rigid beliefs that are difficult to change. 

  • Lionstone (Female) 

With the bloodline aspect of Earth, she is a brilliant Tank and fighter. Even she has unique soil and stone abilities. But, this power makes her manipulative in some situations.

Despite this, she has poor leadership skills. So, she cannot be a worthy choice to place at the squad’s top. 

A Tier

After S-tier is the A-tier. Although less powerful than the s-tier clans, they have strong clans that are challenging to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  • Ignis (male)

Every team needs a fierce fighter, and Ignis can be the perfect one to fill that space. For unmatched fighting, it has excellent physical strength and endurance that can cause too much damage to the opponent.


Since its bloodline aspect is fire, the ignis male has unique flame and heat abilities. But this makes it sensitive to water attacks. 

  • Tidestorm (Male and Female) 

Tidestorm is one of the strongest tribes in the game. They have a strong capacity to damage a single victim and win against obstinate tanks.

With their bloodline aspect of water, they are versatile mages and fighters with unique water and ice abilities. So, they can support their teammates greatly but struggle against Earth-based challenges. 

  • Urgull (female) 

Urgull, with a bloodline aspect of metal, is a strong tank and fighter with metal-like physical strength. So, it has metal and mechanical abilities. Due to this strength, it can be hot-headed and impulsive in situations. 

  • Zaess (Female) 

Zaess is a strong mage with a bloodline aspect of nature with strong combat. Also, it helps to scout and track down the opponents. But, close combat is a challenge for her. 

  • Karg

They take time to get started in combat. But, if you have upgraded it, it can cause more damage than the entire group of opponents. 

B Tier

Next is the B-tier. Although the clans in this list are not wrong, if you have them on your team, you can replace them with more robust options from the mentioned tiers.

  • Luxuriant (Male and Female) 

Luxuriant Clan has a bloodline aspect of Plants. If you want to misguide the opponents, they are your go-to choice because they have good deception and misdirection abilities.

Due to their connection with plants, they have strong healing powers. Still, they can be over secretive and impatient hiding essential details from their allies 

  • Yvnian (Male and female)

The Yvnian clan is a strong tank and fighter. They have a bloodline aspect of Earth and are brilliant, making them good at making strategies.


So, you can plan surprise moves with them to tackle opponents. At the same time, the female is good at acrobatics. But, the males can be secretive, and the females can be impulsive. 

  • Zaess (Male) 

Zaess comes from the District of Highgarden with a bloodline aspect of nature. They can quickly get into the opponents’ territory and devise surprising moves. For this reason, they have developed a cold and calculative nature. 

  • Aeson (Female) 

Aeson has the bloodline aspect of lightning, who are skilled fighters fearless in fighting battles. They are quick as lightning with lightning and storm abilities. But, their low mobility makes it difficult for them to travel with the team quickly. 

C Tier

It would help if you avoided clans at all costs, either because they have poor statistics, their abilities aren’t very excellent, or possibly even a mix of the two factors.

  • Lycanis (Male and Female)

The Lycanis clan is a werewolf. Due to this, the male can control the moon’s power while the female can contact ghost wolves for help in their combat. They are strong and agile in battle. But, it has a limited range of options. 

  • Karguk (Male and Female)

Karguk is an orc warrior from the same destruction as Urgull. They are difficult to defeat due to their strong defensive abilities.

The female can summon an army of skeletal warriors to help her in combat and has strong regeneration abilities. But they are not good at controlling crowds. 

  • Urgull (Male)

Urgull Male is a giant orc warrior from a mountainous region who can be the first to attack in team fights. Their imposing figure gives them a lead, but this reduces the fighting speed.

D Tier

As the D-Tier is the last Tier, the clan in this tier is the weakest of all and of no use to your team. They are a trap that would bring no benefit to your team compositions.

  • Elzideth (female)

They are fierce warriors with the bloodline aspect of fire. They can cause severe damage to opponents with fire-based attacks that can burn them down. This gives them a serious nature toward their duty. Their strength gives them less mobility. 

  • Travian (male and female)

You must avoid these clans, given their poor skills. Also, they have low statistics that will not help you in the game. Their existence is a trap for new players because they are the first to be unlocked. So, the initial heirs in the team will be of their clan.

  • Sallyhorn (male and Female) 

Sallyhorn are strong tanks with bloodline aspects of Earth. They have good defensive abilities and magic powers. But this makes them manipulative and slow in speed. 

  • Hunstdorf (male and female) 

Hunstdorf males have the bloodline aspect of Ice, and females have the bloodline aspect of fire. The men can cause severe damage to opponents with their ice-based attacks. But, this makes them difficult to combat against multiple opponents. In contrast, females can be impulsive. 

Summing Up – Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List

Now, you know about the Bloodline Heroes Of Lithas Tier List, and you are a step closer to making your best team in Blood Heroes of Lithas.

It is important to note that this ranking is based on the traits and abilities of the clans. But, as the game develops over time, the team shall discover new aspects and features of the clans and update the list.


This will help you make better team compositions for your next games. So you are better aware of how to make your teams for future battles. 

Tell us your preferred clan combinations for making your ideal team in the comments below.

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