How to Fix Error CE-34878-0 on PS4?

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While you head towards your favorite game and encounter the error CE-34878-0, you cannot play your favorite game. It says an error occurred in opening the following application.


Rather than reporting it, you can solve it to get back to your PS4’s game. If you are searching for how to fix error CE-34878-0, then we have covered you all!

Error CE-34878-0

How to Fix CE-34878-0 on PS4? 

There are several ways to fix CE-34878-0 on your PS4 console. While the error notifies you that there is an issue with your game, it does mean that you can’t play it. All you need to do is troubleshoot, and then you can enjoy it.

The following are the ways that will let you troubleshoot it.

Method 1: Restart PS4 Console And Controller 

Before proceeding to any other solutions, you must ensure whether it’s an error. If not, then too many processes, cache memory, or RAM would lead to the issue. Here, rebooting help.

Error CE-34878-0

All you have to do is switch off your PS4 console. After doing so, turn off your controller also. Wait for 2-3 minutes, and then restart your gaming console and then the console. Now, again roll over to the game that causes the issue. 


If the issue persists, then the following methods would help you out!

Method 2: Disconnect the Console  Camera

If you have connected the PS4 camera, then it often interferes with a particular game. To know if the camera is causing the CE-34878-0 error for a specific game, disconnect it to check and fix it. 

Follow the steps given below to disconnect your PS4 camera:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Devices

Step 2: Select Turn off Device and navigate to Camera 


Step 3: Restart your gaming console and controller

Step 4: Now, open PS4 Settings, and to user 

Step 5: Click on Login Settings 

Step 6: Click on the Enable Face Recognition checkbox to disable it

Now, check if the game eliminates the error or not. If it does not, then an outdated game might be the issue.


Method 3: Update the Game With CE-34878-0 Error 

Several games develop bugs with time. These might lead to bizarre errors. Further, an outdated game can also create an issue like the CE-34878-0 error. In such a scenario, updating the game to the latest version helps! 

Follow the steps given below to update a game on PS4:

Step 1: Go to PS4 Home Screen and open the gaming experiencing error

Step 2: On your controller, press the Options key and select Check for an update from the right-pane

Error CE-34878-0

Step 3: Install the latest update if available


Head over to the game which and CE-34878-0 error, and then check if the issue is resolved or not. But if your game is already updated to the latest version, then the method below would help.

Method 4: Reinstall the Troublesome Game 

If an update does not fix the issue, the game will have specific corrupted files or must have developed errors in code. You can quickly troubleshoot it by reinstalling the game.

Before doing so, you must uninstall the game after saving its data! 

Here’s how you can do so: 

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Application Saved Data Management 


Step 2: Click on Saved Data in System Storage and save all your system

The system will prompt you to follow some on-screen instructions to complete the process. 

Step 3: Go back to Settings and navigate to System Storage Management

Step 4: Under the Applications section, select a game that generates the CE-34878-0 

Step 5: Press the Options button, and click on Delete 


This will delete the game. Further, you will have to reinstall the game after the process and check if it works.

Method 5: Update PS4 Software 

If reinstalling the game did not help, a system software bug is causing the issue. To get rid of it and the error, update it to the latest version. 

Follow the steps given below to update PS4 software:

Step 1: Go to PS Home Screen and open Settings 

Step 2: Navigate to System Software Update

Error CE-34878-0

The console will check for available updates if any, and this will resolve CE-34878-0. You can head over to the game to prevent the same.

Method 6: Initialize PS4

When none of the methods help resolve your error, there’s some severe issue with your PS4. Initializing your PS is the ultimate rescue in such a situation. However, this will delete all your installed applications, user profiles, and similar stuff. 

Follow the steps given below to initialize PS4: 

Step 1: Go to PS4 Home Screen and open Settings 

Step 2: Navigate to Initialize PS4 and click on Initialization

Error CE-34878-0

Step 3: Navigate to Initialize PS4 and select the Full option 

The system will ask you to follow some steps to complete the process.

Why is my game keep crashing on PS4?

There can be numerous reasons your PS4 game keeps crashing. Your gaming console would have heated up; it might have Insufficient Storage, outdated firmware or software, or a bug that caused your game to crash.

The Final Word

You were struggling with error CE-34878-0 on your PlayStation 4, and now you would be at ease. There are some effective ways to tackle it.

You can power-cycle your console, disconnect its camera, update the problematic game, or reinstall it to fix the issue. If that does not work, you must update the firmware or Initialize your console.

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