How To Make Paper In Minecraft?

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One of the significant resources one can create or find in Minecraft is paper. Paper serves as a building material for various objects in the game.


Overall, this sandbox game focuses on the player’s creativity leading to survival. Also, for the people who love to create something new and unique on a virtual platform, Minecraft is an ideal game loved by millions of users. 

Paper does not have direct use in the game. Instead, it can be used while crafting other essential things, for instance, books and maps.

Both books and maps have a great utility in the game. Hence, paper is a significant object that indirectly influences gameplay.

Often, to reach the advanced levels, more things made of paper are utilized, making the production of paper in the game more meaningful. 

The article focuses on the formation of paper so that other related objects are created easily, offering smooth gameplay and easy to reach the higher stages of the game.

Minecraft Paper

Use of Paper In Minecraft


Incorporating one piece of paper with some powder makes fireworks. Fireworks function as a booster while the player is flying in the air with an Elytra.

The boost has the same direction the player has been flying and helps reach higher sky levels so that the land is not needed.


To make a book, the player requires one piece of leather and three pieces of paper.

The readers can be further enchanted with the help of an enchanting table and used with some weapon or armor.

The enchanting table itself is additionally made by using books.



Another best use players can make of paper in Minecraft maps. The formation of maps needs eight pieces of paper and one compass.

After the map is formed, the player’s location is shown with the standard view and down view. Advanced features can be added to the maps using a Cartography Table. 

Cartography Table

Using four wooden planks and two pieces of paper, the player can form a Cartography Table.

These tables help zoom the maps, enabling the players to add markers to the crucial places on the maps and transform Unemployed and idle Villagers into Cartographer Villagers.


The spare pieces of paper can be made into banners having distinct patterns. The banners are formed when the paper is combined with a Daisy or Creeper head to create beautiful designs. 


With the help of a loom, these patterns are turned into actual banners. Other things are also combined with paper to create unique patterns for the banners.

Other than these uses, paper can be sold to Librarians in exchange for money. It can exchange with other Minecraft currencies as well.

Steps to Make Paper in Minecraft

Step 1: Locating Sugarcane

In the game, the player can find the paper itself at some particular places. It is not a common object in the game, unlike others.

The best way to make paper is by collecting the materials needed in its production.

Sugarcane is required to form paper, requiring a minimum of one water block adjacent to it.


Therefore, it is usually found on the banks of the water bodies, for instance, beaches, rivers, and ponds. A fully grown sugarcane plant would yield at least three pieces.

Sugarcane - Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 2: Setting a Sugarcane Farm

To have a continuous source of sugarcane, a farm has to be set as soon as the player finds its initial pieces.

Sugarcane farms can only be placed in the areas having contact with water. They are grown both in dirt and sand.

To set up a farm in an area with no continuous water supply, a trench with eight blocks is a dugout, and a water bucket is placed at the end of the trench.

It would ensure water flow, and the sugarcane can be quickly grown.


Step 3: Production of Paper

The final step is producing the paper by placing three sugarcane pieces within the crafting table in three adjacent grids. Three pieces of sugarcane, when placed in the grid, yield three pieces of paper. 

Production of paper requires having an advanced crafting table. Without that crafting table, the paper cannot be made.

The game contains an initial one, but you cannot use it to make paper. So, an upgraded crafting table is needed. For the new players to Minecraft, here is a guide to creating a crafting table.

Step 4: Collect Wood

Wood can be obtained by punching the trees. One whole wood will give four wooden planks to the player.

The player can punch as many trees as wanted because wood is a significant component in other essential things.


Step 5: Go to Inventory

Open the inventory either with the ‘E’ key on the PC or the ‘X’ button on Xbox. You can view the stored items there along with the initial crafting grid. Use this grid to convert wood to wooden planks.

Crafting Table - Make Paper In Minecraft

Step 6: Form the Crafting Grid

Fill all the boxes of the given crafting grid with four wooden planks. This process would yield the required crafting grid to make more useful substances.

Make Paper in Minecraft

The Conclusion – Make Paper in Minecraft

Minecraft has a wide fanbase, especially among the youth and teens who love adventure. The game has a wide perspective that operates on the mechanism of survival and potential of the user to create new and innovative objects.

The game’s realistic approach provides the player an experience almost similar to the real world. The game is entirely based on real-life activities like farming, forging new things, and fictional functions.

That makes it more entertaining for the people as a completely realistic approach may cause boredom.


Along with day-to-day life activities, magical operations like enchanting the books and flying in the sky with unusual creatures add to the fun of proceeding ahead in the game.

As a result, many people have been playing the game with the same enthusiasm they had in their initial playing days. 

Minecraft has been a huge success among gamers, and they are expecting many new features to be added in the future.

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