Is G2A Legit and Safe To Buy Games?

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The video games industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. I mean, the popularity of video games is just insane.


Pretty much everyone likes to play them in their free time and nowadays one can even earn a hefty amount as eSports is getting more recognition.

While there are a lot of ways by which you can download video games, G2A is one name that stands out. It is known to sell games at a very cheap price and has many users wondering: “Is G2A legit or not?”

Here is everything that you need to know about G2A and I have curated opinions from many sites that will help determine: Is G2A legit and safe to buy games?

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G2A: All You Need to Know

Is G2A Legit?

What is G2A?

G2A is a grey market video games reseller. They are not a seller but a marketplace where buyers and sellers interact with each other.


G2A sells video games at huge discounts making it one of the most popular marketplaces to buy games. On this platform, you can buy games for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.

To give you context, if a game sells for around USD 20, on G2A, you can buy the activation code for the same game for a cheap as USD 1 or even in Cent.

Now, whenever some site sells anything at this much discount, they are always under suspicion. That is why it is always a topic of discussion and people wonder: Is G2A legit or not?

Is G2A Legit?

How Does it Work?

You must be wondering how G2A sells games so cheap. Well, as mentioned earlier, it is not a seller but a marketplace. Think of G2A as eBay.

You will find a lot of people selling a lot of products. The same is the case with G2A. It connects buyers and sellers on the grey market where they can buy and sell games.


As a result, users are able to buy game activation codes at huge discounts.

G2A claims that it does not sell any games on its own and it is just a marketplace. If you look at it, you can buy second-hand games on this site and that is why it is so cheap. 

You see, the game prices vary in different regions. What seller do is that they buy activation codes from countries that sell them cheap and then sell these codes to users living in the expensive regions.

Is G2A Legit?

Is G2A Legit?

The game developers community does not like G2A and they are pretty vocal about it. Many have expressed their views and said that if a gamer can’t afford to buy an activation code for a game then it is better to pirate the game instead of buying it from G2A.

Now, this is a very extreme statement if you look at it. That leads to one question: Is G2A legit and safe to buy games?


Well, to find an answer, I went to Reddit and Quora to find some real answers. The response on these sites wasn’t good. Most of the users simply said that it is not reliable.

Users claimed that they got non-working activation keys. There have also been incidents where the seller changed the key after some time.

As is a marketplace, there is no bar on what type of sellers do business on the site. Although G2A has made the seller verification process a lot more legit we all know that it is easy to work around that.

G2A has also admitted that it has sold about 200 stolen keys in the past and for that, they have compensated the developer. However, incidents like these are not a good indicator.

Bottom Line – Is G2A Legit?

You see most of the customer experiences are quite good from customers who used G2A. It is a good and legal site to buy games. However, you should always buy games from trusted sellers on G2A and you should be good.


The bottom line is that it is a sketchy site but it all depends on the seller from whom you buy your game. If the seller is good, you might get a legit code and they won’t change it after some time.

In my personal opinion, I would say that any site under this much controversy is definitely shady and just like the game developers say, it is just better to pirate a game than to buy it from a fraud seller.

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