Painting in Minecraft
Nov 10, 2022

How To Make A Painting in Minecraft – A Step By Step Guide

This guide will help you know how to craft a painting in Minecraft easily, so make sure you read on!
Beacon in Minecraft
Nov 7, 2022

How To Make A Beacon in Minecraft – Everything You Need To Know

Here, we’ll be discussing everything, from crafting the beacon in Minecraft to applying status effects, to help you achieve this feat. 
Minecraft Smite
Nov 3, 2022

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment in Minecraft that gives the player extra power against undead enemies like zombies. The player can use this enchantment on axes and swords.
Floating Island
Aug 6, 2023

20 Things to Build in Minecraft Survival

To help you transform your world into a thriving masterpiece, we'll explore 20 exciting things to build in Minecraft Survival that are sure to challenge your creativity…
Apr 14, 2022

Minecraft Cartography Basics: Everything You Need To Know About Maps in Minecraft

In this blog post, we’ll go into detail discussing how you can craft maps in Minecraft using just resources that are readily available.
Minecraft Featured
Apr 6, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Capes in Minecraft

In the vast world of Minecraft, capes are a rare sight because you don’t just stumble upon them like iron ingots or diamonds. They’re usually given away…
Apr 1, 2022

13 Minecraft Survival House Ideas & Designs for Creative Survivalists

We've put together a list of some of our favorite Minecraft survival house ideas for survival mode, from simple to utterly-intricate builds, just to get you started.
Minecraft Skins
Mar 30, 2022

[Fix] Minecraft: Connection Timed Out – Failed to Connect to the Server

In this guide, we are going to show you what causes the Minecraft server connection timed out error and how you can deal with this problem on…
Mar 29, 2022

18 Aesthetically-Pleasing Minecraft Treehouse Build Ideas

When you spawn in a freshly-generated Minecraft world, the first thing you’ll likely do is grab some wood and find a shelter before dawn. In the meantime,…
Mar 20, 2022

Make Your Own Minecraft Skins – Here’s How

Making Minecraft Skins is way easier than you think and all it takes is a couple of steps. In this article, we’ll explain the process step-by-step so…
Minecraft Skins
Mar 10, 2022

8 Cool Minecraft Skins to Make Your Character Stand Out

Minecraft has reached such a mammoth status that it’s everywhere you look and almost impossible to avoid. There are plenty of reasons why people love the game,…
Mar 8, 2022

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need to Teleport in Minecraft

We’ll explore both ways(either you teleport to a location you already know by its coordinates, or craft a system at a specific place) to teleport in Minecraft.
Mar 4, 2022

How To Make Paper In Minecraft?

Looking forward to make paper in Minecraft? Well, then you are in the right place, we will be discussing step-by-step method to make paper in Minecraft.
Minecraft Featured
Mar 1, 2022

Best Things To Build in Minecraft

Are you looking for ideas for incredible things to build in Minecraft? If so, then look no further! In this post, we’ve compiled a list of cool…
Minecraft Savanna Biome
Feb 25, 2022

All You Need to Know About Minecraft Savanna

Are you a Minecraft player and want to know everything about the Minecraft Savanna biome? If so, you will enjoy this blog post as it describes Minecraft…
Minecraft Pixelmon Featured
Jan 28, 2022

How to Make a PC in Pixelmon (Minecraft)

You catch Pokemon's in Pixelmon, but where can you hold them? That's when crafting a PC comes into play. Using Aluminum Plates, Glass Pane, Redstone Lamp, and…

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