Beacon in Minecraft
Nov 7, 2022

How To Make A Beacon in Minecraft – Everything You Need To Know

Here, we’ll be discussing everything, from crafting the beacon in Minecraft to applying status effects, to help you achieve this feat. 
Minecraft Smite
Nov 3, 2022

What Does Smite Do in Minecraft?

Smite is an enchantment in Minecraft that gives the player extra power against undead enemies like zombies. The player can use this enchantment on axes and swords.
How Long is a Day in Minecraft
Oct 31, 2022

How Long is a Day in Minecraft – The Game’s Daylight Cycle Explained

Since most of your surviving and thriving activities are carried out in the daytime, let us discuss how long is a day in Minecraft in this blog…
Jan 14, 2023

How to Unban Someone on Minecraft?

Are you looking to unban someone from your Minecraft server? Whether it's a friend who made a mistake or a player who's learned from their past mistakes,…
Fix: aka.ms/remoteconnect Error in minecraft
Jun 4, 2022

Fix: aka.ms/remoteconnect Error in Minecraft

Minecraft is the biggest in the competition when it comes to sandbox games. There are endless possibilities for what you can do around in the world of…
How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?
May 24, 2022

How to Get Green Dye in Minecraft?

While there are many different colors, we will specifically look for how to get green dye in Minecraft. Unlike other colors in Minecraft, you can create a…
May 21, 2022

How to Fix Minecraft GLFW Error 65542: WGL?

So how do you fix the Minecraft GLFW Error 65542: WGl? With the popularity of this game, there's no doubt that the community will find ways to…
How to Get Minecoins in Minecraft?
May 16, 2022

How to Get Minecoins in Minecraft?

In this article, we’re going to show you how to get Minecoins in Minecraft and how to use them in Minecraft.
How to Add Texture Packs to Minecraft?
May 20, 2022

How to Add Texture Packs to Minecraft?

In simple words, these texture packs improve the graphics to the next level. So the question is how to add texture packs to Minecraft? Let's take a…
Minecraft Featured
May 11, 2022

How to Make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft?

Sometimes Minecraft survival worlds can be deadly. With the prospect of fighting many mobs at once, your adventure quickly becomes a nightmare. Those who are slow in such…
Breed Horses In Minecraft
Apr 30, 2022

A Step By Step Guide To Breed Horses In Minecraft

If you're a beginner, this article will walk you through the process and steps necessary to breed horses in Minecraft in a very straightforward manner. 
Minecraft Realms
Apr 27, 2022

Minecraft Realms Down? Here’s How to Fix

Minecraft Realms is also known as just “realms”. It is a feature in Minecraft that allows a person to set up a private server to play with…
Apr 14, 2022

Minecraft Cartography Basics: Everything You Need To Know About Maps in Minecraft

In this blog post, we’ll go into detail discussing how you can craft maps in Minecraft using just resources that are readily available.
Minecraft Featured
Apr 6, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Capes in Minecraft

In the vast world of Minecraft, capes are a rare sight because you don’t just stumble upon them like iron ingots or diamonds. They’re usually given away…
Apr 1, 2022

13 Minecraft Survival House Ideas & Designs for Creative Survivalists

We've put together a list of some of our favorite Minecraft survival house ideas for survival mode, from simple to utterly-intricate builds, just to get you started.
Minecraft Skins
Mar 30, 2022

[Fix] Minecraft: Connection Timed Out – Failed to Connect to the Server

In this guide, we are going to show you what causes the Minecraft server connection timed out error and how you can deal with this problem on…

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