VALORANT Bind Map Guide: Attacks, Defends, and Callouts

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The Bind map has had a love & hate relationship with the player base ever since it got introduced in the map pool. There are numerous details & tricks for this map that you must know. 


If you’re searching for a complete Valorant Bind Map Guide, we have got your back. In this article, we will be covering details & some tips around the Bind map.

This VALORANT Bind map guide will include details regarding Spike sites, their execution & defense, & the unique feature this map holds, the portal.

Complete Valorant Bind Map guide

Before you try to understand a map, the first & foremost thing to learn is the layout & callouts. Having deep knowledge about the structure is crucial while making mid-round decisions & predicting the opponent’s movement.

Here is the entire map with callouts. Remember that there are multiple names for the same place depending upon the region you are playing in.

VALORANT Bind Map Guide

Let’s jump into the valorant bind map guide starting from the spike sites & how you can play from both sides:


Spike Sites:

Bind Map includes two spike sites, A & B.

Spike Site A

At the back of the site, there’s a heaven or tower. In front of heaven lies the triple box. These boxes are wall-bangable. Thus, defenders can stop the planter by spraying on the box.

While moving towards the site, there’s a hall that connects A short to the back of the site. It’s called U-hall or elbow. Also, there’s a truck-like structure on the spike site.

The A Long region is also known as Showers or Bath. It connects A Lobby to the site.

VALORANT Bind Map Guide


While attacking, it’s important to first clear the near corners in both shower & A Short. Defenders can easily camp & destroy your push using any shotgun. 

One of the most common strategies is creating a wall or smoking from A short such that it blocks the back site & tower view. Then the duelists can push from Short to U-hall to take control. Meanwhile, support players can move from Showers or hold A short, ensuring no one thrusts through the smoke or the wall.

The major complication with pushing A site is the narrow entrance from Short or Showers. One grenade from Raze or counter smoke can create chaos in the execution. 



Defenders have a plus point on the A site since they can block off the narrow site entrances pretty easily using agents like Sage or Cypher. 

Generally, two players hold the A site, one from U-halls & another from either triple boxes or heaven.

Agents with a smoke, Molotov, or a slow orb are highly effective in containing A Short push.

Spike Site B

Spike site B is a small one with no heaven or anything fancy. There are two entrances to the B Site, one from Hookah (B Short) & another from B Garden (B Long). 

At the middle of the site lies the container. It is also wall-bangable like most of the objects in Valorant.

VALORANT Bind Map Guide


Taking Hookah control during B execution is crucial because while the attackers are moving into the site, the defenders can teleport from A Site to B quickly using the portal.

If you have a Raze or Skye while attacking, taking Hookah control becomes easier using Raze’s boom-bot or Skye’s wolf, as there are tight corners inside that are hard to clear.

Another entrance to the B Site is the B Gardens or B Long. Before Dry peeking into B Long, be sure that the opponent team is not having an operator. It’s the most common spot for operator players to play.

If you have an agent with smoke, clearing B Site becomes easier. Smoke off elbow & back site entrance. Now you can flash/molly & clear the back of the site.



Controlling a Hookah rush is relatively easy due to the slim opening. Sage can wall Hookah vertically. Doing this, the attackers will need to break all four parts of the wall entirely to enter there.

Meanwhile, long can be taken care of using smokes & jiggle-peeks to gain information regarding any rushes.


The striking element of this map is the portals that can teleport players from one point to another. It indeed amazes Counter strike global offensive players at first.

One of the portals is at A short, which opens near B Short (Often called as B Window or Hookah), & the other lies on B Long (or B Garden), which teleports to A Long.

  • Entries:

Click on the image for a full view.

  • Exits:

Click on the image for a full view.

Remember that every time someone enters the portal, it induces a sound. The sound is audible to everyone on the map & reveals that a player has teleported.

You can even create a fake teleport sound using a couple of agents like Yoru & Omen. Yoru players can use fake steps towards the teleport. 

Omen players can use their shrouded steps ability to fake teleport. 

  1. First, press your set key to shrouded steps & aim outside the portal. 
  2. Now enter inside & use the ability. It will create fake teleport audio.

Making fake teleport audio causes rotation among the enemy team. It’s a highly beneficial strategy, especially in clutch situations.

Attacker’s Base

VALORANT Bind Map Guide

Defender’s Base

VALORANT Bind Map Guide


That’s it for the Valorant Bind Map guide. Use these tips & information when you play Bind map the next time.

Keep in mind that without implementing & practicing regularly, you won’t remember the details discussed above. Hopefully, this bind map guide will be beneficial in your actual matches.

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