Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

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Warframe is an fps multiplayer game developed by Digital Extremes. The game was launched in early 2013 for desktop gaming and later for console gaming. The developers plan to expand the game to mobiles in the upcoming months.


If we talk about daggers in Warframe, it’s one of the lesser-used weapons due to the comparatively lower base damage. Players, for apparent reasons, pick more powerful weapons over weaker ones, so daggers get ignored.

But still, dagger users have their fanbase. So today, we will be showing you the best Warframe daggers for Covert Lethality.

Covert Lethality is an in-game mod that increases your single dagger base combo count, & on finishers, inflicts doubled damage.

Warframe: Best Daggers for Covert Lethality

These are the best daggers that you can play with, in Warframe, for Covert Lethality:

Rakta Dark Dagger

Rakta Dark Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

While talking about the best, Rakta Dark Dagger tops the chart. The dagger yielder gets the ability to be undetected by the enemy. Your stealth & enemy’s detection levels increase and decrease, respectively.


The best part is the regeneration of shield & over-shield. When you are striking an enemy impacted by the radiation status effect, it will replenish or give protection & over-shield to the dagger holder.

Karyst Dagger

Karyst Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

The damage by this dagger is somewhat similar to the Rakta Dark Dagger. But, Karyst carries the power of toxin. Another benefit of the blade is its high speed. The holder gains approximately a 10% speed bonus while using it. 

Ceramic Dagger

Ceramic Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

The Ceramic Dagger delivers the highest attack acceleration among single daggers. One of the lesser-known facts about the Ceramic Dagger is that when you are attacking using the blade, the fourth strike will make you sprint straight towards the enemy, inflicting him bleed damage. If you attack an enemy without getting detected, it will result in a stealth kill.

Ceramic dagger is associated with Puncture damage. 

Puncture damage is part of the three types of damages in Warhammer and proves most efficacious against armored players.


Dark Dagger

Dark Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Dark dagger is concerned with Radiation Damage. It is quite a good blade with a sharp base attack. You can hit brisk impacts, which increases the chances for crucial effects.

Radiation is a blend of heat & electricity damage and proves most efficient against alloy armors.

Again, Dark Dagger provides a 10% momentum bonus.

Okina Dagger

Okina Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Okina is known for its rapid strikes & high puncture & slash injury. The holder gets a 5% momentum bonus when they equip Okina.

Comparatively, Okina offers a lower critical possibility still the quick attack pace ensures worthy critical damage.


Okina dagger, based on Slash damage, performs best against flesh.

Heat Dagger

Heat Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Heat dagger is a combination of Puncture & heat damage. Heat dagger’s slam attack is different from usual. Its slam attack causes a burst of a blaze about the player. The enemy player gets burned by the blazing storm around him, which remains for a time.

Fang Prime Dagger

Fang Prime- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Fang Prime Dagger’s appearance gives off a conventional vibe but inflicts plenty of puncture damage to the enemy. In addition to this, the holder gets a 5% velocity boost when equipped.

Fang Prime Dagger is one of those prime blades that do not demand Orokin cells as a formulating component.

It is capable of rapidly developing combo meters by using instantaneous attacks.


Sheev Dagger

Sheev Dagger- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Sheev dagger is associated with Slash damage. If you are holding a Sheev blade without a Stance mod, the usual attack combo gets an additional 4th thrust stab straight. It proves beneficial in grasping moving opponents.

Sheev dagger is one of the rare daggers you can find. Despite the dagger’s slow movement, precisely modifying the blade can provide you with a high-status prospect.

Ether Daggers

Ether Daggers- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Ether daggers is another one dealing in Slash damage. You can acquire Ether dagger by completing the dream Stolen dream tasks. 

Dagger holder gets a 5% momentum bonus when equipped. Heavy spin damage is considered its USP, and you can use it in various crafts.

As an operation supply, you can purchase Ether daggers from Nakak.



Ether Daggers- Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

Fang dagger is concerned with Puncture damage and provides 5% bonus velocity when equipped. It is considered the frailer variant of Fang Prime.

You can consider this as a basic dagger. Still, it offers a respectable attack speed and damage. It’s purchasable via the market.

Conclusion – Warframe: Best Dagger for Covert Lethality

That’s it for the list of best Warframe daggers for Covert Lethality. If you are one of those players who completely ignores daggers, you must try these in-game & you will not be disappointed. 

Again, these are some Covert Lethality mod daggers, which means you can take down your opponent in a blink of an eye. It doesn’t matter if your opponent is aware of your presence or not.

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