Lost ARK Alakkir Island: What is It, How to Find, Fights, Rewards, and More! 

Lost ARK
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Have you explored different maps of ARK and want something new? Are you looking to have a unique gaming experience in it?


Well, if yes, then you would have heard about Lost ARK Alakkir Island and must be wondering what it is exactly! If you had already tried to get to the map, you too wouldn’t have reached there.

Further, which experiences on the island enhance your action game ARK? We have covered you all with it! 

What is Lost ARK Alakkir Island?

The Alakkir Island is a map of the Lost ARK. It enhances your gaming experience with fights, quests, challenges, and locations to explore.

Besides, after completing quests, challenges, and battles, you get rewards and collectibles, which also help you further your venture in the Lost ARK.

One of the most popular things is the boss fight with golden chickings. Moreover, not to forget is the Mokoko seed which is a further ado to collect. 


How to Find Alakkir Island on Lost ARK?

When you play Lost ARK, you would want to try and explore Alakkir island for an unforgettable gaming experience.

However, you would not find the map in the game. After hunting for the location in different directions, finding it would feel like it no longer exists. 

But it is not so! It doesn’t have a marking in the game, so you would find it difficult. Yet, you can find the location near the left side of the Arthetine continent.

If you would have headed towards it and not finding it is normal. This is because even after you reach the location where you can see, it would be visible only at certain times. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island

Yes, because the map respawns only at particular instants, day or night. It comes out of the water only at some random times. Therefore, you have to keep track of it at its location. Press the letter G on your keyboard to traverse the map when you see it.


Besides, you might not have the sailing ability if you cannot go to Argentine Island. In such cases, you can always use a ship as an alternative. 

How to Keep Track of Alakkir Island on Lost ARK?

You would think it would be inconvenient to check the Argentine continent repeatedly. Indeed, it would be difficult and a hassle.

Here’s where Procyon’s Compass is a blessing in disguise, aka the rescue. Head over to the mini-map and get the stuff to help you.

With it, you can configure an alert that would alert you about the Lost ARK Alakkir Island. Thus, you can work smartly and keep track of the island. 

What’s the Scenario of Boss Fights on Lost ARK Alakkir Island?

ARK is incomplete without boss fights. So, how do you think the Alakkir map miss out on it? Well, it doesn’t want to spoil the fun of action games for you! 


You would have to try your best and fight off three massive chickens. Terrifying Chickens is its fun boss fight and unleashes your action-game spirit.

Further, after winning against those creatures, you would achieve feathers you exchange with island vendors. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island

It’s not as simple as attacking three chickens because you would have another, more powerful chicken after doing so for two. 

Consequently, winning against him, the Golden Chicken, would be challenging. With more good health, strength, and power, defend yourself against him.

Further, you should fight and win against him, and then you would hunt for eggs in Alakkir. Notably, these would act as collectibles for you in the game. 


Your venture for boss guests begins with an exclamation symbol, which you must search on Alakkir. Afterward, locate NCP and then get in touch to start your boss fights.

The initial chicks would be B&W, while the golden ones would be more prominent and difficult to deal with. But here’s where your true fighting spirit lies in action games, so completing it would be thrilling and more fun. But how will it reward you?

You would get the rewards of splendid Gold Feather, Secret Map, Chicking, Gold Feather, Alaker Egg, and Exquisite Feather. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island: Quests

Lost ARK maps aren’t fun without quests, and does Alakkir. Consequently, this island has co-op quests apart from the daily ones.

So, there’s never too much Adventure as it has something or the other to entertain you. Let’s discuss the daily and co-op quests and what they are like! 


Daily Quests on Lost ARK Alakkir Island 

The daily quests in Alakkir are a mystery whether you solve them or not. With different types each day, there’s always something to the other for you to unleash and win. 

Similarly, the rewards vary, and these quests are called Special Dish. Its wholesome comprehensive range of prizes and newer variety of pursuits is why players are fond of it.

Besides, if you find it difficult to fetch collectibles, you can nut it with ARK Gold, as the map also supports that. 

Co-op Quests on Lost ARK on Alakkir Island 

Co-op is all about boss fights in two papers. The first is about fighting with black ND fight chickings, while the second is with a mightier boss or the Golden chicken. You have to look for the NPC to begin your quests adventure. 

Black and White Chickings

Black and white chickings occur in the first phase of co-op quests. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s easier to attack them. It’s only that the second round is more brutal due to a healthier gold chicken that the Black and White Chickings seem easier to deal with.


The comparison makes it seem simpler else; these, too, attack in full vogue and their sharp beaks. The legit challenge is to defend yourself from both the chickings and attack them simultaneously. 

The Golden Chickings

Attacking two chickings who fight wildly with you gives a sigh of relief but is not. The next phase after dealing with them is when the Golden Chicking appears.

It’s much more potent than the previous ones. Hence, your attacks wouldn’t damage him much. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island

It’s noteworthy that when his health would deteriorate, you would become tiny chicks and would find it challenging to defend yourself. The good part is that after survival in this stage, the second phase of the quests  will end 

Token Quest: Tokens of Alakkir 

The Lost ARK Alakkir is fully-functional and also has its token Island Hearts. You can use a third party for collectibles or stuff that you want. The map also presents them as a reward after you win the boss fight. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island

Here’s what you will get 

  • ×3 pouches of rare battle engraving recipes
  • 10k Silver 

Where to Find Mokoko Seeds on Lost ARK Alakkir? 

Though the island has its tokens and Mokoko seeds, the game currency is important. You can find them on this map also. All you have to do is look for a wrecked ship near the Alakkir edge, and to its left, you will find Mokoko.

Don’t search them on the island’s land but adjust the rocks on the shore. You must look for wreckage yet to go to its left and onboard a ship. 

Lost ARK Alakkir Island

Lost ARK Alakkir Island: Una’s Task 

If you have ever explored the map, you would know I just can’t sit on my hands; that’s the weirdest of all. It’s Una’s task, which feels bizarre, but it’s pretty incredible.

With three tiers of its tasks, complete each and head over to the another. Rewards await you after completing each level of Una’s task. 

No of Tier Points Reward
130/30Silver 5k 
240/40Silver 6k
380/80Silver 14k

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get Alakkir Island soul?

Alakkir Island soul is a collectible of the island. You should complete [Adventure Quest] The Best, Golden Chicken to get it.

Where is alakkir?

Alakkir is at the island’s northern tip, on the Arthetine continent. 

What are Mokoko Seeds?

Mokoko seeds are the official currency of Lost ARK. You can then get expensive gear and other stuff. 

The Final Verdict

If you were thinking of what Lost ARK Alakkir Island is, then you would have got your answer. It’s a map of the ARK game that seems no less than a mystery when a player tries to get into it.

This is because it doesn’t have markings in the game, nor is it visible at the specified location. It respawns from water only at random intervals of the day or night. So, you won’t see the map constantly. You have to check the location repeatedly. 

Procyon’s Compass would help you, and you can set an alert for the map. The island becomes interesting to traverse with co-op quests like Boss Fights, daily quests, and Una’s task. 

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